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Current Issue 21
December 2011

Mail & Door Drops
Big Thank You Rapp Tribal New Zealand The idea was to give every Telecom staff member a chance to say ‘thank you’ in person. A big blank canvas was unrolled at Telecom’s headquarters, and staff were invited to write their own message of thanks, starting with the CEO. Consolidation Archibald Ingall Stretton The problem was that SMB’s receive a lot of mail every day. A lot of it junk, or dull and boring. To get across the idea of saving costs and to get noticed, something out of the ordinary was required. EFFIE Call for Entries DRAFTFCB Auckland The New Zealand Effie Awards honour the country's most effective advertising. But with entry numbers flat-lining and both agencies and clients viewing these awards with either dread or suspicion, something needed to be done to restore both credibility and participation. Mailing with a Novel, Written by American Express RMG Connect GmbH The creative execution was to do the opposite of most financial services mailings, which are usually about facts and figures, and to engage emotionally. Renovation Party M&C Saatchi The idea was to send out bits of the old agency offices, which had been demolished, along with the line ‘This is the last you’ll ever see of our old offices’ and an invitation to the event. Stone, Twig, Water 2011 Potential Grand Cherokee drivers were mailed a box, within which were objects from faraway places. A rock from Patagonia, a twig from the Amazonian rainforests of Peru and water from a lake in Tierra del Fuego. The Exciting Touch of The New Yaris Saatchi & Saatchi Slovenia The new Yaris simply has too many improvements and features to talk about. They are best discovered first-hand at a Toyota dealership. The Power of Direct Mail Ogilvy Amsterdam The thinking was that even though the Netherlands has a population of over 16 million, there is a different face behind every door. Young, old, male and female, everyone is unique yet all can be reached via the letter-box. By Direct Mail. The spare underwear Publicis Brazil To suggest quite how frightening the 2011 show was, journalists and bloggers were mailed a fresh set of underpants with the message, “Horror Hour, the 10th Anniversary. Better come prepared”. The Textbook Beer Burger Shoe JWT Cape Town was launched South Africa in February 2010 as a platform on which to buy and sell both new and used books, DVD’s, CD’s and games.
Online & Digital
7 Second Movies Wunderman, Neon To make the most of this association, the agency wanted to capitalise on the target audience’s passion for film by inviting them to use Windows 7 to remake their favourite movie moments in just seven seconds. Antena 34 DraftFCB Madrid The problem with communications today is that online and mobile devices may work in the opposite way, making people feel more disconnected and isolated than ever. Autocorrect BBDO New York The script is where it all begins. So that’s where the message was sent. The WORD AutoCorrect function was altered, so when a creative types “ape,” “monkey,” “chimp,” or “gorilla,” it completes the sentence with the PETA message. Carlsberg stunts with bikers in cinemas Duval Guillaume Modem To reinforce the new endline ‘That Calls for a Carlsberg’, Duval Guillaume Modem suggested a unique experiment. In Belgian cinemas, innocent couples were confronted with a theatre filled with not-so-friendly biker-types and only 2 seats left. Friendliest Pint Of The Year Geronimo The pub is one of the social hubs for people’s lives. This idea tapped into the spirit of mate-ship in the build up to St Patrick’s Day. Home Dream Home Proximity BBDO Paris The creative strategy was to tap into the fertile imaginations of children to show what could be done with the new collection. First, a viral film was seeded on Youtube, showing a destructive little girl getting up to no good in her bedroom. Investorville BMF The approach was nothing if not ambitious. To show people what it’s actually like to be an investor, what was created was a world first: a property investment simulator, based on real market data, which Australians could use to move from ‘homeowner’ to ‘property investor’. Philips Wake Up The Town Tribal DDB Amsterdam The nearest town to the North Pole was the setting for an experiment, to test how Philips Wake-up Light makes it easier to wake up. Why this town? The people live in total darkness for 4 months in winter, making it the hardest town in the world to wake up in. Seconds/With Leo Burnett Sydney ?Seconds/With' is build around the insight that while professional photographers spend decades behind the lens, the shots they value most add up to just fractions of a second. Shout from the mountain integrated campaign BBDO New York First, a series of web films was created to promote the event, featuring an oddly large group of loud mountain men. These were passed quickly around the web by AT&T’s youthful users. Step Up Saatchi & Saatchi Wellington Through a mix of 15 second TV spots and online promotions, viewers were drawn to “Step Up”, a dedicated RNZAF branded YouTube channel. In essence, this was an online flight simulator. The File Mover McCann Lowe The idea can be expressed simply as being: the first van that carries your stuff across the web. The banner ad was designed to be both innovative and useful, working like websites such as or The view from New York Leo Burnett New York New York City is home to every type of food ever created. From the countless restaurants that represent every national flag on the globe and ones you've never heard of, to the local icons like bagels, street meat and egg creams - the diversity of New York’s food is only matched by the diversity of its accents.
Dortmund Concert Milk Jung von Matt “Did you know that cows produce more milk when they listen to classical music?” KLM Tile & inspire Tribal DDB Amsterdam Without the budgets of other European airlines, KLM had to be smart. Around the world, traditional Delft blue tiles had been famous for centuries, depicting Dutch scenes with inspirational thoughts. Love To Meet You Fox P2 Research showed that confronting the target market with gory accident scenes had little impact so the agency knew they had to try a different approach, one that tapped into every male South African's deepest fear - the fear of arrest and getting to know the inmates in one of the country's notorious jails intimately. Nick and Sam's Ireland Roadtrip Indicia Two intrepid adventurers, Nick and Sam, were sent off on a 7-day adventure, touring Ireland by car. However, there was a twist: the audience decided where they went and what they did. Share The Joy DDB New Zealand They wanted to remind New Zealander what chocolate is all about – Joy. Show Your Character EHS 4D/BETC Euro RSCG Insight: People love to tell stories about themselves in social channels and engage with platforms and campaigns which enable them to do so. In so doing, they then become the strongest advocates (and traffic drivers) for the campaign. The LolXperiment Proximity London As a teaser, a ‘fan message’ was sent to influential teenage vloggers and bloggers. First as a tweet. Next, a Facebook message. And finally, a beautifully handwritten letter! Inside the last was a note asking,which was most moving?