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MARTINI Smart Cube


Issue 41 | December 2016

  • MARTINI Smart Cube

    Issue 41 | December 2016

    The one thing that interrupts a great time with friends is stopping the conversation to get more drinks and queuing at the bar for the next round.
  • Nike Football Pro Genius

    Issue 41 | December 2016

    In elite football, fine margins separated the good from the truly great.
  • Reword Launch

    Leo Burnett Melbourne
    Issue 41 | December 2016

    Bullying has moved from schoolyards to social media. Around the world, cyberbullying was quickly becoming one of society's most serious problems, creating millions of victims.
  • Accessible toys designed for individuals living with paralysis

    Issue 40 | September 2016

    Nearly 1 in 50 Americans are living with paralysis.
  • Klarafy

    Issue 40 | September 2016

    Like all classical music radio stations, the problem for Belgium’s Klara is how to woo younger music lovers, who know little or nothing about classical music.
  • LandCruiser Emergency

    Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney
    Issue 40 | September 2016

    Over 65% of the Australian continent still receives no mobile signal, an area of mostly harsh outback bigger than the entire European Union.
  • Ne.Bot

    Issue 40 | September 2016

    Nissan's aim, lofty as it might sound, is to become the driver's partner so that the driving experience is always enhanced.
  • Nose

    Issue 40 | September 2016

    Nivea Men, the toiletries and personal care giant, sought a solution to the problem to help men care more about, and be more confident of, their odour issues.
  • Save Me, the ski pass

    serviceplan Munich
    Issue 40 | September 2016

    Off-piste skiing and snowboarding are more popular than ever. But also dangerous.
  • Sea Hero Quest

    Saatchi & Saatchi London
    Issue 40 | September 2016

    What business exactly are telecoms companies in? Connecting people is too glib.
  • Philips Brush Button

    ACHTUNG! mcgarrybowen
    Issue 39 | June 2016

    Everyone is supposed to brush their teeth for two full minutes, twice a day.
  • Rate My Roof

    Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
    Issue 39 | June 2016

    Though Australia is blessed with plenty of sun, less than 15% of Australian households use solar power for their energy needs – despite its abundance and the potential savings.

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