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Handbag Dyetonator

Ogilvy & Mather Malaysia

Issue 44 | September 2017

  • Handbag Dyetonator

    Ogilvy & Mather Malaysia
    Issue 44 | September 2017

    Snatch thefts were a rampant threat to Malaysian society. In January, 365 cases were reported in the Dang Wangi district of Kuala Lumpur alone. In 2016, snatch thefts increased 36% nationwide.
  • KLM Care Tag

    DDB Tribal Amsterdam
    Issue 44 | September 2017

    Amsterdam had become one of the most popular tourist destinations of the world. In January 2017, more than a million people visited this city of 900,000 inhabitants.
  • Radiation-Free Dreams

    Demner, Merlicek and Bergmann
    Issue 44 | September 2017

    Mömax is part of XXXLutz Group, the largest furniture retailer in Austria and the second largest furniture chain in the world.
  • RPM: Russ Per Minute

    BBDO New York
    Issue 44 | September 2017

    Russ was a writer, singer, rapper, producer, hip hop artist and more.
  • 4MATIC Book

    Gruppo Roncaglia, Rome
    Issue 43 | June 2017

    Mercedes-Benz had always been focused on innovation and the 4MATIC technology the company had developed was the most advanced four-wheel drive system on the market, able to adapt automatically to every condition of weather and road.
  • Camelpower

    Issue 43 | June 2017

    Desert off-road driving in the Middle East was practically a sport.
  • Dolmio Pepper Hacker 2.0

    Clemenger BBDO Sydney
    Issue 43 | June 2017

    Dolmio was Australia's leading pasta sauce brand, and Spaghetti Bolognese was Australia's 5th most popular meal.
  • Kwitt, Sparkassen Debt Collector

    Jung von Matt/Spree
    Issue 43 | June 2017

    Though Sparkasse is Germany's oldest and best-known bank, the brand has always tried to be abreast of the newest technological possibilities.
  • See what lifesavers see with Pocket Patrol

    Leo Burnett Sydney
    Issue 43 | June 2017

    Statistics showed that 70% of Australians could not identify one of the biggest hidden dangers when they were on the beach. Rip tides.
  • Tequila Cloud

    Lapiz Chicago
    Issue 43 | June 2017

    Winters in Germany could be dreadful; it was cold, cloudy and rainy.
  • The Captain’s Ride 2016, The Riderless Bike

    Havas Sydney
    Issue 43 | June 2017

    Every year, the Steve Waugh Foundation conducted a six-day cycle ride through New South Wales called The Captain's Ride to raise money for the 400,000 children affected by rare diseases.
  • #BeFearless

    Cheil Germany, Cheil Worldwide, Cheil MEA, Cheil Russia
    Issue 42 | March 2017

    One in five people has a fear of public speaking and even one in four people has a fear of heights.

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