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Current Issue 3
June 2007

Mail & Door Drops
'60% of this pack is rubbish' MercerBell An eye-catching mailing in the form of a recycling bin made out of recycled material to announce the relaunch of Fuji Xerox’s 60% recycled paper. 'Cut Out the Big Guy' and 'Half a Bill' TEQUILAAuckland Challenger brand Woosh tackles market leader Telecom head-on in this mailing where they literally ‘cut out the big guy’, apparently cutting out their competitor’s logo from the envelope. The later unaddressed mailpiece targeting households in key Woosh network zones comprised of half a letter, to show prospects that they could get half their monthly phone bill if they switched to Woosh. A1 Flipchart The Leith Agency Part of a daring and original launch campaign for SEAT as they actively marketed to the Fleet market for the first time. A mailing in the form of an A1 ‘brainstorming’ flipchart based on the idea of the ‘crap’ people have to put up with at work, and the positioning of a SEAT car as the perfect antidote. Burns Baby Burns The Leith Agency A portrait of Robbie Burns wearing sunglasses sent to journalists and Foreign and Commonwealth Offices worldwide to promote Scotland internationally as a modern, confident and forward-thinking country. Clay Kit Leo Burnett India A direct mail piece for a playschool containing six packs of play doh and an instructional booklet with diagrams of animals. Costello Mailing BMF A mailpack sent to pre-retirees containing the Federal Treasurer’s budget speech with its proposed changes to superannuation, tax and pension laws and inviting the recipient to call ClearView to request a copy of their book that clarifies the changes, or to make an appointment with one of their financial advisers. Costello Mailing BMF A mailpack sent to pre-retirees containing the Federal Treasurer’s budget speech with its proposed changes to superannuation, tax and pension laws and inviting the recipient to call ClearView to request a copy of their book that clarifies the changes, or to make an appointment with one of their financial advisers. Destination Japan GOSS A mail pack in the form of a miniature ski bag containing a pair of chopsticks to promote skiing trips to Japan. Double Soul Rapp Collins A double-sided envelope, letter and leaflet to communicate that the EOS has two souls in one body. Erase This Letter I DO A mailing to art schools to reinforce Staedtler’s image as a manufacturer of premium stationery products. A letter entirely hand-written in pencil invites the recipient to use the enclosed eraser to erase the letter after they have read it and if convinced of the quality of the eraser to call the number on its sleeve to place an order. Get Real - Pirates Of The Corporation MRM Worldwide A targeted campaign to raise awareness and understanding of using genuine Microsoft software - and the benefits it brings over unlicensed and counterfeit software - amongst Microsoft Partners and customers. The campaign features a comic book style A5 DM, starring a heroic IT Manager, Ian Cook. By encountering a different piracy problem in each chapter, the book delivers complex piracy messages in an engaging and readable format. GS Series ‘Hideaways’ DM Partners Andrews Aldridge A mail pack to Lexus prospects in the style of a 1950s adventure book - A Compendium Of Dens, Hideaways And Other Thinking - to connect with its audience of men in their 50s on an emotional level and underpin the GS’ positioning as ‘the antidote to the modern chaotic world’. Half Shredded Letter Rodgers Townsend A mailing in the form of a paper shredder containing a half-shredded letter to alert IT managers that a half-hearted approach to security provides no security at all. Hard Letter Rapier A letter mounted on sturdy cardboard to dramatise the Vito’s superior build quality in a way people just can’t ignore. The letter then goes on to explain the other rational benefits of buying a Vito. It's Tasteless Without You Lead - Grey Direct A mail pack containing a piece of lawn with a personalised ‘reserved’ sign to remind Tel Aviv’s leading restaurants to book their place in Hayarkon Park for the 12th Ha-Ir ‘Taste the city’ event. Joint Benefits Swordfish Advertising A mailing to doctors to promote the benefits of the anti-arthritis drug Diclomax, which improves joint mobility but has the added benefit of not upsetting the stomach, which many competitors are apt to do. The mailing, headlined ‘Joint benefits’, is in the form of a figure of a man, each of whose joints have ‘here’ printed on them and are articulated by means of a rivet. Pulling a string causes his arms and legs to dance and the words ‘and here’ to appear through a window in the man’s stomach. Land Rover Defender ‘Pull’ campaign Craik Jones Watson Mitchell Voelkel Ltd. A new DM and online drive to launch Land Rover’s New 2007 Defender model, focusing on the vehicle’s improved pulling power. The mail pack features a robust, magnetised metallic leaflet, which must be pulled apart for the pack to open. Luxury Mailer Claydon Heeley A high quality mailer in the form of a leather embossed envelope with a chrome plate inner. Paper Cutter Leo Burnett India A CD in the form of a revolving blade containing information about the state of the rainforests and tips on how to cut paper consumption and costs. Prickle Mailing Tribal DDB Germany A mail pack containing a pronged head massager that, when rubbed on the back of the head, delivers the same goose bumps as felt when accelerating a Golf R32 from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.2 seconds, enabling the recipient to experience the engine power of the car. S,M,L OgilvyOne Worldwide Malaysia An invitation to IBM’s one-day conference and exhibition event IBM Solutions Day 2006. The mailing, comprised of three overlapping letters of small, medium and large sizes reading either as one letter or three separate ones, aimed to convey that ‘Big Blue wasn’t just for the big boys’. S.P.E.M AIM Proximity A two-part mailer for the services of Haunui stud farm. The first purports to be from an organisation (S.P.E.M) dedicated to the protection of equine morality and warning recipients to protect their mares against Haunui’s ‘hot-blooded males’. The follow-up letter is an apology from Haunui Farm admitting to their horses’ fertility and offering a free service as a gesture of goodwill to those agreeing to a contract with either stallion. The Greatest Show on Earth Arc Worldwide Malaysia A call-for-entries for the DMAM 2006 Awards based on the theme of the Awards - ‘The Greatest Show On Earth’. The entry kit came in the form of a bright, showy circus caravan, personalised to each agency. From miniature model circus animals right down to a mini whip on the letter, the pack challenged agencies to round up their troupe, whip their entries into shape and put on their best act at the upcoming awards show. Thesis AIM Proximity A campaign in the form of a spoof PhD thesis with a first page composed entirely of Hollywood gossip to persuade students to stop reading tabloid rubbish and subscribe to The Press. Try Living the Life of a Landmine Victim Clemenger BBDO Direct A one-armed T-shirt to raise funds on behalf of child landmine victims.
adiRun TBWAWhybin & TEQUILA in alliance with TBWA180 is a world-first for adidas. It’s an online portal that acts as a motivational toolbox for mainstream runners, complementing their adidas running gear to help them achieve their personal goals. The initiative was promoted via an integrated campaign involving mail, press, radio, outdoor, ambient, POS and online. Hug a Geek BMF An integrated campaign to trial the launch of AUSTAR’s unwired broadband service. The idea is that AUSTAR’s service is so simple, it has made geeks redundant and so they are apologising to geeks and encouraging everyone to give them a hug. Inner M BBDO New York A TV and online campaign based on the notion that there is an M&M inside of everyone and that consumers can have fun embracing their ‘inner M’. The website gives provides users with hours of fun creating different M&M characters, photographing them and sending messages to friends. pago Campaign TBWAWhybin Innovative use of New Zealand $5 notes as an advertising platform for ASB’s new mobile cash transfer service. Stickers showing a pixellated ‘digital’ image of Sir Edmund Hillary were superimposed over his picture on the notes and entered into circulation. The campaign also involved an installation in which thousands of post it notes recreated a large scale picture of a NZ$5 note, as well as bus shelters that used ‘Hypertag’ technology to dispense digital cash to people’s mobile phones. Smoke is Poison Ogilvy Group UK An integrated campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of smoking, focusing on the poisons in the smoke rather than demonising the smoker. The campaign included a chemical tanker painted to look like a cigarette, cocktail menus listing the ingredients of smoke and a documentary-style TV campaign interviewing real people who work with chemicals. Stuff History Publicis Dialog Worldwide, Publicis Dialog Australia An integrated campaign built around bringing a fictitious character called ‘History’ to life, introducing him to the online community and stirring up young football fans’ passions for the Socceroos and the Nike brand. The campaign involved TV advertising, print and street posters, a website, mobile content, interactive advertising and desktop applications. WestiePac AIM Proximity An integrated campaign leveraging the New Zealand subculture of ‘Westies’ with their mullets, heavy metal and black t-shirts, to sign up students to Westpac’s Student Pack.