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Deliciosa Calma

McCann Madrid

Issue 42 | March 2017

  • Deliciosa Calma

    McCann Madrid
    Issue 42 | March 2017

    According the a Nielsen report "Women of Tomorrow", more than 66% of Spanish women suffered from stress in both their professional and their home lives.
  • Ear Beer

    Ã…kestam Holst
    Issue 42 | March 2017

    Norrlands Guld is a lager positioned around the idea that people who drank the lager were generally more laid back.
  • Guinness Signature Cocktails

    Ogilvy Malaysia
    Issue 42 | March 2017

    Famous the world over, the iconic Guinness tulip glass was designed to perfect proportions to pour the perfect pint.
  • IfxWeekday

    Forsman & Bodenfors
    Issue 42 | March 2017

    In Scandinavia, it got really dark during the winter months and pedestrian-car accidents increased dramatically.
  • Live Harvest

    Air Partner of McCann
    Issue 42 | March 2017

    All shoppers want to buy fresh fruit and vegetables but how fresh is fresh?
  • Look on the Light Side of Disability: World Braille Day Poster

    Issue 42 | March 2017

    In September 2016, Maltesers became the first brand to air an advert completely in British Sign Language, without subtitles.
  • 24 Hours to Legendary

    Issue 41 | December 2016

    After several years of anticipation, Canon was introducing a new DSLR to its already renown 5D product line.
  • Clash of Kings #LondonsBattle #FightLikeaKing

    Issue 41 | December 2016

    Elex-Tech wanted to create a large scale UK event activation to promote the online war and strategy game, Clash of Kings.
  • KnowNo Project

    Issue 41 | December 2016

    For decades, the message "no means no" was an attempt to prevent sexual assault.
  • Renovated Ambients

    Jung von Matt AG
    Issue 41 | December 2016

    OBI, Germany's largest DIY-chain, offered high quality products for building and renovation. The task was to promote them in an innovative way.
  • Snowden

    Issue 41 | December 2016

    The subject of precedent-setting controversy, Edward Snowden had been called a hero, a hacker, a whistleblower, a dissident, a patriot, and a traitor.
  • The A/C Vests

    FP7/DXB (part of McCann Worldgroup) & MediaVest Spark
    Issue 41 | December 2016

    Emirates NBD's Business Banking division was looking for an innovative way to attract new SME clients from the construction business.

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