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Backyard Burger King

Colenso BBDO

Issue 41 | December 2016

  • Backyard Burger King

    Colenso BBDO
    Issue 41 | December 2016

    New Zealand was a fairly unique market for Burger King. For one, New Zealand had the highest penetration of fast food restaurants per capita of any country in the world.
  • Countdown To Kit Off

    Issue 41 | December 2016

    The Walkers brand originated in the town of Leicester. They had been a sponsor of Leicester City football club for many years. Their ambassador, Gary Lineker, was both a former Leicester City player and the host of the UK's largest TV football show.
  • FNV // FNV Live

    Victors & Spoils
    Issue 41 | December 2016

    America was one of the unhealthiest nations on earth, with 12 million kids classified as obese.
  • Give a Beep

    Edelman Deportivo
    Issue 41 | December 2016

    Hövding, an innovative bicycle helmet brand, wanted to do an engaging brand building campaign in London, demonstrating curiosity, innovation and care for London cyclists.
  • Hello

    Clemenger BBDO New Zealand
    Issue 41 | December 2016

    In New Zealand it was established that driver distraction was a factor in up to 30% of crashes. 98% of young people thought that using a mobile phone while driving was dangerous yet 75% admitted to still doing it.
  • Hendrick's Ministry of Marginally Superior Transport

    Gravity Thinking
    Issue 41 | December 2016

    Hendrick's was the world's first unusual gin, oddly infused with rose and cucumber.
  • It pays to experiment

    Wunderman UK Part of Pulse Creative
    Issue 41 | December 2016

    Dream Team was one of the UK's favourite fantasy football games.
  • Maternity package for an 11 year old

    hasan & partners
    Issue 41 | December 2016

    In western countries it is very easy to close ones eyes to the problems in developing countries.
  • Meet Graham

    Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
    Issue 41 | December 2016

    TAC, the government-owned road safety authority for the state of Victoria, launched a new 'Safe System' strategy.
  • Printed By Somerset

    Leo Burnett Toronto
    Issue 41 | December 2016

    Somerset, a small printing shop in Mississauga, specializes in beautiful, high-quality printing.
  • The Biggest Small Beer Ever Made

    Victors & Spoils
    Issue 41 | December 2016

    The Brewers Association of America turned to Victors & Spoils to help put the spotlight on craft beer, the true symbol of American idealism, ingenuity and entrepreneurship, to combat big beer.
  • Why a telecom operator started selling sunscreen

    BBDO Brussels
    Issue 41 | December 2016

    Unexpectedly, Scarlet, a Telco in Belgium, started running ads on TV, on posters and online selling the Scarlet Snorkel set and Scarlet Sunscreen.

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