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Issue 46 | March 2018

  • #hondanextdoor

    SID LEE Paris
    Issue 46 | March 2018

    Honda in France had a problem in that it did not have as many dealerships as it would have liked.
  • #whatmakesgreat

    OgilvyOne London
    Issue 46 | March 2018

    Integral to IBM's business strategy was gaining share in AI (Artificial Intelligence).
  • Breakpoint

    Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
    Issue 46 | March 2018

    30% of road deaths are due to driver fatigue.
  • Christmas Campaign

    Issue 46 | March 2018

    Two years after its first end-of-year campaign for the Belgian National Lottery, mortierbrigade and Blinkink are back with a new animated film.
  • Code Strike

    Saatchi & Saatchi London
    Issue 46 | March 2018

    61% of teenagers in the UK game and snack when they get home from school.
  • La Forêt. The first TV series where anyone can bet on the murderer’s identity.

    Publicis Conseil, Paris
    Issue 46 | March 2018

    La Forêt was a new TV series on France 3 that told the story of a small and quiet village in the Ardennes.
  • Life For Life

    Leo Burnett Beirut
    Issue 46 | March 2018

    In Lebanon, 49% of rape survivors have been assaulted by someone from their direct family.
  • Meep

    Wirz / BBDO
    Issue 46 | March 2018

    The Migros Christmas campaign reminds us with the story of little Finn to never leave anyone all alone.
  • NAB Mini Legends Draft

    Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
    Issue 46 | March 2018

    NAB has a long history supporting the Australian football community, from its grassroots program, Auskick, right through to the big time with programs like NAB Rising Star – along with its 15-year sponsorship of AFL.
  • The Economist – British Election

    Proximity London
    Issue 46 | March 2018

    When the UK was thrown into a snap election, The Economist had to react.
  • The Hungry TV Channel

    Issue 46 | March 2018

    SNICKERS® is a bar of substance which helps solve any issues caused by hunger.
  • The Talk

    BBDO New York
    Issue 46 | March 2018

    It's highly risky for any brand to take on a social issue.
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