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Beautiful Pathogens

TBWA\Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg

Issue 45 | December 2017

  • Beautiful Pathogens

    TBWA\Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg
    Issue 45 | December 2017

    Malaria killed more people in Mozambique than anywhere else.
  • Betiquette

    Y&R SYD
    Issue 45 | December 2017

    Factors such as digital money, access to credit, 24/7 online availability and high-profile promotions were boosting exposure to sports betting.
  • Beware the Dangers of Almost the Same

    Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand
    Issue 45 | December 2017

    The aim of the campaign was to prompt drivers of second-hand Toyotas to ask themselves “what do I want my car repaired with”?
  • Goulburn Valley Food Tours

    Leo Burnett Melbourne
    Issue 45 | December 2017

    At a time when Australian consumers were coming to mistrust the origins of their food, fruit brand Goulburn Valley needed to prove its authenticity.
  • GPS Cassette

    Wieden+Kennedy Portland
    Issue 45 | December 2017

    The agency was always looking for quirky ways for the KFC brand to appear in pop culture.
  • Heinz: Geoff The Film

    Y&R NZ
    Issue 45 | December 2017

    Late last year, the team at Heinz briefed the agency to launch a range of new Beanz can sizes (130g, 220g, 300g, 555g) to the Australian market.
  • Sting, Remake The Boxer

    BBDO Pakistan
    Issue 45 | December 2017

    Sting was an energy drink with an image problem: it was being considered by consumers as a 'soft' drink.
  • Swann Insurance ‘Inconvenient Stores’

    CHE Proximity Melbourne
    Issue 45 | December 2017

    Swann Insurance specialised in motorcycle insurance, helping bikers get out onto the road.
  • The Billion Point Giveaway

    CHE Proximity Sydney
    Issue 45 | December 2017

    Velocity Frequent Flyer, Virgin Australia's loyalty program, wanted to tap into the 'everyday spend' that approximately seven million Australian's (roughly 45% of Aussie consumer card holders) put on a credit card that earned rewards points.
  • The Lotto Bucket List 5D Experience

    Issue 45 | December 2017

    The Swedish Lottery was on a mission to make everyone contemplate more on what their bucket list look like, and what they would do if they win the jackpot.
  • UK'shona Kwelanga - WhatsApp Drama Series

    King James Group Johannesburg
    Issue 45 | December 2017

    Many South Africans did not have funeral cover. This could cause major drama among family members when a loved one passed away.
  • Your ad on my prosthesis

    Air Brussels
    Issue 45 | December 2017

    Cap48 is a Belgian non-profit organisation that fights for a better integration of people with a handicap.
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