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An Alarming Letter


Issue 42 | March 2017

  • An Alarming Letter

    Issue 42 | March 2017

    As small business owners are swamped with direct mail campaigns every day a lot of mailings go unnoticed.
  • Ash to Art

    J. Walter Thompson London
    Issue 42 | March 2017

    In May 2014 the world-famous Mackintosh Building, at the heart of The Glasgow School of Art's Garnethill campus, suffered a fire that caused significant damage to the west wing including the loss of the celebrated Mackintosh Library.
  • Colin Splodge and the Sizzledodge

    J. Walter Thompson Sydney
    Issue 42 | March 2017

    Although most Aussies knew that using sunscreen was an important form of protection against the intense Australian sun, there were many other things that Australian families needed to do in order to stay safe.
  • Dead Robin

    Copybird Ltd
    Issue 42 | March 2017

    After taking four months off in 2015 to care for her terminally-ill mother, her freelance creative and copywriting work virtually dried up.
  • Karlovacko Natur Radler Lemon

    Bruketa&Zinic OM
    Issue 42 | March 2017

    After partnering with local lemon producers, HEINEKEN Croatia presented a limited edition of Karlovacko Lemon Natur Radler – the first radler on the Croatian market made using local lemons from the island of Vis.
  • Porcelain Bones

    Issue 42 | March 2017

    Amgen is one of the world's leading biotechnology companies, constantly in search of therapies that will improve the lives of those who suffer from serious diseases such as Osteoporosis.
  • Addressing The Problem

    OgilvyOne London
    Issue 41 | December 2016

    75% of the world's population had no reliable system of addressing. Streets, house numbers and post-codes simply did not exist.
  • Forward The Cure

    The Leo Burnett Group Thailand
    Issue 41 | December 2016

    Uhmpang hospital had noticed that well-to-do city-dwellers tended to have a lot of unused medicines and prescriptions. Those meds could be used by less well-off patients.
  • Hologram

    Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
    Issue 41 | December 2016

    The DM campaign promoted the launch of the Mercedes-Benz GLC and pushed the boundaries in innovation by being the first to use hologram technology.
  • IKEA Cross-stitched mailer

    Issue 41 | December 2016

    IKEA wanted to drive some of their most valued FAMILY members to a website, where they could download a £5 voucher if they chose to opt in to email communications.
  • Kobe’s Rules Book

    Issue 41 | December 2016

    Kobe Bryant had retired, he who was one of the greatest basketball players of all time.
  • Rider Reminder

    Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
    Issue 41 | December 2016

    Car-dooring, the act of opening a car door into the path of a passing cyclist, was responsible for hundreds of injuries and even deaths every year in Victoria.

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