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Current Issue 31
June 2014

Mail & Door Drops
Bulk Catnip DM Rethink Bulk Cat Kitty Litter Warehouse needed a direct mail flyer. Marketing Books Invitations BBDO Brussels BBDO & Microsoft wanted to make marketers aware of the fact they needed to catch up with the digital revolution and with new technologies which their customers had already fully embraced. Poaching Phone FP7/DXB – A part of the McCann Group FP7/McCann wanted to expand its creative department but hiring talent in the region was time-consuming and headhunters were expensive. Soundtree serviceplan BMW in Switzerland had a history of innovative Christmas cards which put a smile on the faces of their customers and partners. Stop The Drop john st, Toronto Climate change, dredging and erosion were causing the Great Lakes to disappear before the eyes of the people who lived beside them. The Power Paper Kolle Rebbe GmbH According to a study from the Federal Ministry of Health, 58% of Germans are overweight. TouchedByDM Ogilvy Group Brussels Print Power was a Pan-European organisation operating in 13 countries, dedicated to promoting print media. Trojan Mailing Jung von Matt Stuttgart DHL has more company locations, more vehicles and more staff than any other courier company. It is why they are faster than everyone else. JCDecaux Street View Unpaid Bills BBDO Belgium JCDecaux needed to inform their existing customers advertisers about their new innovations. Mazda3 – ‘Raise The Bar’ Balloon Dog The convention-defying all-new Mazda3 hit the road in January 2014 and the brief was to take the 'Challengers' concept used to launch this new model on national TV and create a parallel piece for direct mail.
Online & Digital
Animal Strike DDB New Zealand In 2013 the New Zealand government passed a law that pushed the producers of legal party drugs to safety test them on dogs. Don’t Fear Smoking Deportivo The organisation A Non Smoking Generation wanted to talk young smokers out of the habit. JUST ROO IT! Cheil Germany GmbH KangaROOS was founded in 1979 on the simple premise: that running should be fun. And to free runners from all distractions, KangaROOS created a little pouch for storing their keys. Porsche Blind Trade ACHTUNG! Porsche was launching the new Macan in The Netherlands. A small SUV, it might not have been everyone's idea of what a Porsche should be. Seeing MS – Exposing the invisible disease Grey Melbourne Most symptoms of multiple sclerosis go unnoticed by everyone except the person living with them. Share for Dogs Colenso BBDO There was a growing trend online of 'slacktivism'. Sweetie Lemz Terre des Hommes was an international charity founded in Switzerland in 1960 to promote the rights of children. The Netherlands branch had established nearly 300 projects in 22 countries to defend children. The Detour Critical Mass, Calgary The new Nissan Rogue was positioned as a car that made everyday driving more exciting. Nissan wanted to bring that stirring experience to anyone. The Game Report serviceplan BytroLabs was a German startup that specialised in producing innovative browser games. The Google Map Demonstration Herezie and Angstrom In the summer of 2013, Taksim Square in Istanbul, Turkey, became the crucible for weeks of protest against Government plans to build over Taksim Gezi Park. The Most Detailed Test Drive These Days Y&R The new Mazda3 was designed around a number of innovations, which meant it used less fuel, emitted less CO2 and performed better than other cars in its class. Try My Hybrid Saatchi & Saatchi Norway Even though Toyota hybrid owners were among Norway's most loyal motorists, attracting new customers was a challenge. What if you were invited to your own funeral? 20something No-one in Belgium appeared to consider the dangers of driving even a few km/h faster than the maximum speed limit yet every year hundreds of people were killed and even more injured as a result of speeding. Beautiful Ending Ogilvy & Mather Amsterdam A website was created, where couples could share their love in a unique way. BP Bingo at the Pump Ogilvy & Mather Amsterdam For world's first BINGO AT THE PUMP the task was to catch the attention of every customer who drove into the BP petrol station. Hidden Truth Cheil Spain With the evolution on communication and the easier access to online images to the general user, Latin Stock and Corbis wanted to reach both, editorial and creative targets, and highlight the unlimited possibilities that only Corbis/LatinStock images could offer. Kate's Advent Calendar MRM Stockholm Each Christmas all major grocery stores and supermarkets launch their Christmas campaigns. Thankful Experiential Activation CUBED Communications Thankful is a worldwide social project with the mission to help make every day and every experience count.
Outdoor & Events
A Bold Night Out BBDO Singapore As in many other parts of the world, the beer category in Singapore was in decline. Almost Identical Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi There was an almost universally held belief that to be seen chewing gum created a bad impression of the person chewing. Blowing in The Wind A°kestam Holst When the pharmacy Apotek Hja¨rtat launched Apolosophy, a new premium range of products within beauty care, the task was to build credibility for a brand category that Swedes did not traditionally associate with pharmacies. Crashed Car Showroom Whybin\TBWA Sydney 2014 started with more deaths on Australian roads than ever before and followed a year when the road toll reached almost 2,000 people. Dupé Ogilvy Melbourne Yarra Valley water was the largest of Melbourne's three water providers, catering for over 1.7 million people. Renovated Billboards Jung von Matt AG 2013 was a tough year for DIY stores in Germany. In the aftermath of nearly 250 stores closing down and facing an ugly mass of sales-driven advertising, OBI, the biggest chain of DIY stores in Germany, was looking for something else. The Social Swipe Kolle Rebbe GmbH The relief organisation MISEREOR supported people around the world through self-help initiatives. Words Can Be Weapons Ogilvy & Mather, Beijing The Centre for Psychological Research, Shenyang, was a government body concerned about the rise of juvenile crime. Instant Newspaper Recycler Saatchi & Saatchi Hong Kong Co.,Ltd SHK East Point City is one of Hong Kong's top environmentally-friendly shopping malls, and they wanted to spread the green message to their consumers during the Chinese New Year seasonal period. The Dishoom Story Plates OgilvyOne London Bombay style café Dishoom, was to open a second 200 seat branch in East London.
EmotionScan Colenso BBDO The Bank of New Zealand's ambition was to help all New Zealanders be good with money. Power Suit Whybin\TBWA Sydney In Australia, the suit market was dominated by global brands that aggressively promoted their international prestige. As a local company, M.J. Raasuk - Diversion Leo Burnett Beirut In a time of turmoil in the Middle East, anodyne Arab music did not reflect the real situation in the region. Smallest Demonstration Against Unemployment Ogilvy Group Brussels The European Parliament was organising a TEDx-like conference in Paris on October 15th about 'Perspectives on employment in Europe: innovation and education', with a limited number of seats available. The Campaign Google Couldn’t eadRay Wunderman London Microsoft's (the new Hotmail) had the same market share as Google's Gmail. The Ecoist serviceplan At the end of 2013, BMW launched the BMW i3, an innovative electric vehicle, which also lived up to the BMW brand promise of driving pleasure and quality. Whatever Happens Integrated Campaign Energy BBDO/BBDO New York Bud Light was going through a bit of an identity crisis. The brand had been slowly falling out of cultural relevance, especially with young consumers aged 21 to 30. #AudiA3Exchange OgilvyOne Cape Town Create awareness about the launch of the Audi A3 Sportback amongst a 30-40yr Internet savvy audience. Embers of Empathy George Patterson Y&R October 2013 saw yet another spate of bushfires across New South Wales. It's Feeding Time George Patterson Y&R One of the most popular football codes in Australia is Rugby League. And one of the most popular teams are the Cronulla Sharks. Life Without Trees MRM Stockholm During the winter 2013/14 the Swedish organisation Vi Agroforestry decided to cut down the trees in Sweden's most famous parks.