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Current Issue 22
March 2012

Mail & Door Drops
Client Coupons OgilvyAction GmbH Düsseldorf Germany Almost all of the agency’s exisiting and prospective clients were familiar with the coupon as a technique for acquiring new customers and building loyalty so the agency created a number of coupons it was sure its clients would want to redeem. Want a bigger logo? Send in the coupon. Direkt von der Quelle Serviceplan Munich The creative idea was to carve miniature masterpieces into the lead tips of pencils, portraits of important politicians. These sculptures were handed to front-line politicians themselves and mailed to key media figures in premium boxes. Engaging Super Grads BMF BMF set out to hire the cream of the crop from the Advertising Federation of Australia’s graduate class of 2011. So they aimed to engage them earlier than any other agency. Fiskars Silhouette Mailing Heye & Partner GmbH To demonstrate that Fiskars scissors have premium-quality cutting edges and can handle even the most delicate of tasks, the letter itself was a cut-out, made with the product. Nuclear Waste Mailing Leo Burnett Germany Why not divide the nuclear waste fairly among every household in Germany? On behalf of the German Society for Nature Conservation (NABU) the agency created the DGEAA – the German Society for the Storage of Nuclear Waste, which purported to be an official government organization. Pass The Parcel TMW The objective of the campaign was to recruit new customers to the telephone and online bank, first direct. Send A Newspaper Special Group Special Group - on behalf of the Newspaper Publishers Association - created a full page ad. which encouraged readers to turn it into a mailing. The iFOLD Envelope Ogilvy and Mather Mumbai The iFOLD envelopes were sent as direct mail to companies that send countless letters to customers, asking them to change their envelope size. With all the millions of letters corporate India sends out every day, switching to iFOLD would mean a whole lot of paper and trees being saved. The Phone 10 advertising The problem with saying, ‘7Dimanche is better than ever’ is that no-one would believe it unless it was proven to them. So the idea was to demonstrate to 13 of the most influential media planners in Belgium how much response there was to even the small ads in the paper.
Online & Digital
Carte Noire Experience Proximity BBDO, Paris Where does today’s jeunesse d’oré spend much of its time? On YouTube. The agency set out to create a YouTube experience that would make a visitor to Carte Noire’s channel a Master of Time and give them an experience they would want to talk about on Facebook and on Twitter. Fan The Flame TBWA Brussels & From zero to hero, MINI Benelux got 21,314 fans in a fortnight, which doubled the target of 10,000. That’s pretty impressive for a country of only 10 million. (MINI UK, where there’s a population of 60 million does not have six times as many Facebook fans.) Fanwagen Achtung Amsterdam Volkswagen the Netherlands invited its fans to vote for their all-time favorite model. As a reward, it promised to rebuild this model in a one-of-a-kind edition: the Fanwagen. Flip Your Profile DDB/Tribal Singapore Facebook users were enabled to replace their static profile pictures with moving, breathing, sound-generating profile videos. And each of these profile videos, sitting on the web's most valuable real estate ended with a brand message for Flip Video cameras. Home Button Takeover Welcome Home OgilvyOne Frankfurt In real life, every home is unique. To show this, customised interventions turned regular home icons into real houses per mouseover. Every time the icon became a house it was an unexpected reminder to users how special home is, and that Zurich was always there to protect it. Joseph of Nazareth on a journey Jung von Matt/Neckar GmbH Stuttgart For a period of 24 days, Joseph of Nazareth tweeted the Christmas story on Twitter from his own personal perspective, along with all his thoughts and doubts. He described the journey to Bethlehem with his pregnant wife Mary, and told of his encounters and experiences. Kalles Egg Timer CP+B The Kalles Egg timer was designed to help Swedes boil the perfect egg, regardless of their cooking skills and no matter how they liked them, soft or hard. It took everything into account, from egg size to the cooking altitude (yes, altitude affects the boiling time). Lorem Recruitment Jung von Matt When they are designing their layouts, most art directors go to to cut and paste dummy text, ipsum lorem, into their layouts. 50,000 creatives visit the site each week. Plan-T Creativeland Asia Hippo spoke to his fans as friends urging them to help fight hunger by identifying empty shelves and informing him with a tweet whenever they found a store had sold out. Tweets poured in from more than 50 cities. Swebus Jackpot Akestam Holst Train delays are boring, but they can be fun. They created the game "Swebus Jackpot" where you made bets on which trains that would be delayed before Christmas Eve. The winners received free trips with Swebus. The Future of Work Predictor Proximity BBDO SD Worx is a trend-setter in Human Resources management, always thinking about the future of work. Will people work more from their home offices? Will they find more time to spend with their children? Witnessing History MercerBell Rugby fans share a passion for the game that transcends team allegiances – they are unified by the love of the sport. And they love to talk about it, swapping stories and 'I was there' moments at every opportunity. Xmas Carol Torture Akestam Holst What’s the worst thing about Christmas? Anodyne carols. Hideous, horrible renditions of Jingle Bells in particular.That was the idea.
Outdoor & Events
FLUXe Capital C Contagious is such a brilliant word to describe how the most engaging advertising ideas work in the digital age. Full credit to Paul Kemp-Robertson for seizing on it as the name for his magazine. Give The Dog A Bone Pool All kinds of people have dogs and the challenge was how to reach this specific, but diverse group. The insight was not to target owners but the dogs themselves. Hello Boobs Archibald Inglass Stretton/Arena Media/Blipper On a negligible budget, CoppaFeel! wanted the audience to get to know their boobs better. Part of getting to know them was by giving them nicknames. The campaign was launched by using the old and famous Wonderbra poster, hello Boys, but changed on 48-sheets around London to Hello Boobs. Metrobook Ogilvy Mexico One railway carriage from Mexico City's subway system was painted bright yellow, Gandhi’s brand colour. A Franz Kafka short story was then divided in 13 parts, and each part placed on a billboard at each of the 13 stations on the subway system’s Yellow Line. Rankin Spirit of Ecstasy Collection Partners Andrews Aldridge The idea was to commission a contemporary artist to create one hundred individual pieces of art, each one inspired by the Spirit of Ecstasy. Rankin, one of the world’s leading photographers accepted the commission and collaborated with the agency on the project. The Gnome Protest OgilvyAction Düsselfdorf Who would be most saddened by a neglected garden, allowed to become overgrown and filled with rubbish? The people who live there, the garden gnomes. The creative idea was to get the gnomes of Düsseldorf out onto the streets in protest. Vuilgebekt Kinderkoor Duval Guillaume Modem In 2010, De Opvoedingslijn had run a campaign in shopping malls in Ghent with a humorous series of intercom announcements concerning Little Robin. For 2011, they wanted a sequel, which would build on its success and help get them established as a brand.
De Buurtfiksers Proximity BBDO Brussels What most companies do when they set up in a new location is have a big reception and invite as many dignitaries as possible. Ethias’s tagline, though, is “Ethias does what should be done.” De Buurtfiksers Proximity BBDO Brussels What most companies do when they set up in a new location is have a big reception and invite as many dignitaries as possible. Ethias’s tagline, though, is “Ethias does what should be done.” Last Book on Earth Ogilvy Mexico The end of the world is a fairly regular topic in newspapers and in online reports. Nostrodamus is only one among many predicting the apocalypse is almost upon us. Newspapers bring Kiwis together Special Group Rather than just saying that newspapers bring people together, Special set out to prove it. They started with the truth that when you are in a foreign country, picking up a paper from home instantly connects you with home. Remangate, pull up your pant leg Proximity Colombia The campaign invited all Colombians to step into the shoes of the victims’ of landmine detonations. How? By rolling up a leg of their trousers. Remangate, pull up your pant leg Proximity Colombia The campaign invited all Colombians to step into the shoes of the victims’ of landmine detonations. How? By rolling up a leg of their trousers. Skate Pinball Colenso BBDO Building on Mountain Dew’s affiliation with extreme sports and its philosophy of “living out your passions”, the idea was to build a skatepark like no other: a 600 square-metre, fully functioning pinball machine that enabled skaters and BMXers to become human pinballs. The T-Mobile Parking Ticket Saatchi & Saatchi London The brief to the Agency was to launch this revolutionary new product, driving immediate sales in the crucial period running up to Christmas. The challenge was going to be explaining the relatively complex YouFix offer in a way that fitted in with T-Mobile’s ‘Life’s for sharing’ campaign.