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Current Issue 52
September 2019

Online & Digital
#ThroughTheNight TBWA\Singapore There had been a sharp increase in the number of calls made by teens to the Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) helpline between 12am and 3 am “EVA STORIES” Leo Burnett Israel It has been 80 years since the Holocaust Beer Heroes McCann Milan UBREW is a craft brewery based in London where beer aficionados can brew their own beer Burn Racist Giga Serviceplan Milan Rolling Stone Italy had made its anti-racism stance clear with a cover declaring ‘We are not with Salvini’, a special issue challenging the racist views of the right-wing minister Matteo Salvini Instant Story Race BBDO New York M&M’s was launching three new flavours to appeal to the adventurous tastes of their millennial audience Internet’s Residency Exam McCann Bucharest, McCann PR Regina Maria is one of the leading players in the Romanian healthcare market with 100 medical facilities and over 2,300 doctors News Artplan, Sa~o Paulo Fake news has become a major issue worldwide Our Shirt, Our Hood BETC Red Star is the second oldest football club in France and is currently in the Championnat National The Lift &Co. / NoA Bianco is a Danish shoe brand with stores all over Scandinavia and Germany The Search of a Lifetime Glickman Shamir Samsonov Publicis Coca-Cola has always championed young people and while being young is mostly perceived as being carefree, the reality is that the average person makes over 30,000 choices a day A1 Lappsus Bruketa & Žinic & Grey Owners of Android mobile devices view their phone screen on average even up to 150 times a day It Wasn't Me Leo Burnett Dubai Cyber-criminals have siphoned off billions from complacent customers in the UAE Nightshifters: The Dinner Egg Phenomenon Energy BBDO Americans love eggs Nissan Altima Bio-Color Project TBWA\RAAD Now, your DNA can help you select the color of your new car Power to the People DDB Canada While most car companies use exotic backgrounds, slick camerawork and elaborate CGI to prove their car’s driving dynamics, Volkswagen Canada (VW) knows it doesn’t require all that to demonstrate the high-end performance of the All-New 2019 Jetta GLI Still Making Memories Energy BBDO The in home-care category has long been dominated by functional and unrealistic portrayals of aging The Boardwalk Store TBD Advertising Havaianas, the famous Brazilian flip-flop brand, needed to raise awareness of their product in the U
Outdoor & Events
#electricitytalks Grabarz & Partner Porsche was about to launch the all-new, all-electric Taycan Hashtags of Arts NBS Only 7.5% of Brazilians are in the habit of going to museums Made in Fukushima Serviceplan, Germany On March 11, 2011, a tsunami hit the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant, triggering the meltdown of the nuclear reactors No More Mayo VaynerMedia Americans spend $2 billion a year on mayonnaise Real Time Mic Leo Burnett Tailor Made reports on the news as it happens The Book Grown from Grass Rothco AIB has a business relationship with almost 35% of farmers in Ireland and is committed to helping them grow their business through the latest scientific techniques The Occupied Passport Giovanni Morra In 2008 Russia invaded Georgia Welcome Station Buzzman Mediagares is the advertising network owned by French railway companies SNCF and RFF with 837 stations and 20,000 passengers a day Billy’s Donuts FRASER GmbH In a market that historically didn't get along very well with the platform (Germany), Twitter wanted to make a splash and be seen by media planners and marketers, to make them aware of the true value of their audience Calçada é Muro (Sidewalk Is Wall) Z+ Graffiti art shows that sidewalk curbs without ramps become walls for wheelchair users Create #ForTheThrone 360i Over the past eight years, Game of Thrones has become a global phenomenon, amassing an army of over 30 million fans Finally, the end of public urination in the corners of French train stations? Ogilvy Paris Far from their glamorous and chic image, Parisians are also known for a habit they’ve adopted through the ages: peeing in public mortierbrigade turn every car key into a ticket for metro, tram or bus in Brussels mortierbrigade Public transportation is still the best way to get around in Brussels Safety Waves Ogilvy Mexico Mexican beaches are a paradise for surfers because they have very high waves, but this is also a great danger for tourists who do not pay much attention to the danger signs, specially the red flags, and for this reason more than 2,000 people die from drowning every year in the country The House of Cars DDB Group New Zealand There is an assumption that someone who is homeless got there by drug addiction or laziness The Vampire Poster BETC, Havas “The Passage”: Fox Channel brings posters vulnerable to sunlight to the streets In partnership with BETC/Havas, "The Vampire Poster" promotes the channel's new series and showcases innovation in outdoor media posters