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Current Issue 16
September 2010

Mail & Door Drops
Alzheimer’s Erasers Colenso BBDO Opinion formers in parliament and in the media were both mailed and given rubbers which doubled as USB sticks so that when it came to applying for funding or seeking donations they would be aware of the work Alzheimer’s New Zealand does within the community. Collect A Feeling Of Warmth & Happiness As You Pass Go Sharpen & Sharpen The invitation was an affectionate pastiche of one of the greatest icons of London, the Monopoly board. Greetings Card Heye & Partner GmbH, Munich Tinnitus is a constant ringing or buzzing noise within the inner ear. The mailing was a demonstration of what it is like to be afflicted with this constant barrage of sound. Heston and Delia Hamper Kitcatt Nohr Alexander Shaw The approach was to tell the most vocal members of MyWaitrose about the new weekly recipes and encourage them to try the first one for themselves – then share it with the rest of the MyWaitrose community online. Iron Envelope Proximity London This mailing shattered any perception there had been of Royal Mail only being good for lighter items. Mercedes SLS AMG/iPAD Proximity BBDO Paris The first idea was to target a very specific group of people. Football players in the French Premier League. The second was to link two very modern, very iconic objects with each other, the SLS AMG and the Apple iPad. MISEREOR Mailing Falling Letters Kolle Rebbe To encourage as many of the approx. 500 important journalists and media decision-makers as possible to make a donation, they developed an unusual mailing concept. Instead of writing reams of letters asking for donations, they reduced the copy to a provocative demand: deeds, not words! And underlined the message with an attention-grabbing, formal idea. Old School Advertising Y&R Auckland To get school Principals’ attention about “New School”, they were addressed in a deliberately “Old School” way. They were mailed a quill and ink in an old cardboard box and, to get them fully engaged, they were invited to write back to Microsoft for more information using the quill provided. Post this poster Profero London The editor, Patrick Collister, was giving one of the keynote talks at the Cannes Advertising Festival. His talk was titled “Stuffed, Stamped and Licked” and was designed to show that mail is not the ugly sister of communications media but advertising’s Cinderella. Telegram Belgiovane Williams Mackay With broadband technology there are no half measures – your connection is either bang up to date or it’s yesterday’s news. To highlight this, the mailing looked like a telegram from yesteryear (and a visit to the Telstra Museum helped the designer achieve authenticity). The Draft Notice “Child Soldiers” Jung von Matt AG When young German males become adult, they get a call-up letter informing them they must serve in the German army. The Letter that got burgled Demner, Merlicek, Bergmann, Vienna To show what it’s like being burgled, the mailing list was sent a letter which had been ‘burgled’ itself. The window of the envelope was broken up and inside there was nothing left, as if the mailing had been cleaned out like a flat or a house. Winning Postcards Akestam Holst Most creative people enjoy being in the spotlight so the winners at The Golden Egg Awards were all photographed without them knowing the true purpose of the photos.
Online & Digital
Donate Your Website Ogilvy Brazil People are used to donating clothes, food, toys and money but GRACC emailed a number of company bosses to help with a different kind of donation. Their websites. At the same time, influential bloggers were emailed details of the campaign so they could spread the word about the idea and about those organizations that had agreed to donate their websites. How U Feelin? Saatchi & Saatchi Using music and words, a fully interactive campaign was created around ‘mash-ups’. World famous musician Paul Hartnoll from Orbital and hot digital film director Dennis Liu recorded and filmed real kids expressing themselves in just a single word or sound. IKEA Billygram Ogilvy Frankfurt To bring to life the amazing versatility of BILLY, a Facebook app was created. Called BILLYGRAM, this allowed users to post animated messages written in BILLY on each other’s walls. Real Estate Ads for Women’s Shelter Draftfcb Partners Vienna To draw attention to the fact that domestic violence is something even women in higher socio-economic categories can have to deal with, the idea was to use one of the largest real estate websites in Austria, and use the ads on the site as a platform for the message. School of Date campaign Ogilvy Group Russia The idea was to create three viral videos on the subject of How Not to Screw Up Your Date, which would lead traffic to the brand website . It was important to make videos look home-made to gain the trust of the young audience. Sony Ericsson’s Pocket TV (Series 2) Iris London Sony Ericsson’s Pocket TV was a made-for-mobile show of four vids each week in a thirteen week run. Each video is built around a four-to-six minute ‘pocket sized’ interview with some of the hottest artists from the world of music and entertainment, as well as live performances. It was edgy, quirky, witty and it did not take itself seriously and thus challenged perceptions of Sony Ericsson as a serious, hi-tech brand. studio4332 studio4332 South Africa To demonstrate the agency’s creative approach, they decided to make and market a range of new products. Two collections were produced, each with six new products. The first was based on the theme of ‘ideas’ and the second on the concept of ‘personalisation’. Tip me over Rapp New Zealand Because it was likely to be used as part of the launch road show to demonstrate the attributes of the new iPad to a curious and enthusiastic New Zealand market, the ad needed to be fun and interactive.
Outdoor & Events
$73,000 Bar Tab Ogilvy & Mather Brazil When customers paid their bar tabs at Bar Aurora or Boteco Ferraz, they were shocked by the sums they were being asked to pay, often as much as 79,000 Reals or $73,000 USD. A journey of Faith – The Return of Ferrorama DDB Brazil The president of Estrela posted a video speaking directly the leader of the Orkut fan-group, Marcos Markora. If the company was to bring back the Ferrorama, he said, he wanted proof of the fans’ faith. They should get the train to run the last 20 km of the famous pilgrim’s way from Padron to the cathedral of St. James in Santiago de Compostela in Spain. AIDS Mask Grey Mumbai Masks to protect the wearer from Swine Flu were distributed for free across Mumbai. Each mask came with the message, ‘126 people succumb to swine flu and you wear a mask. 25 million have died of AIDS. Do you use a condom?’ Beach Blaster George Patterson Young & Rubicam Melbourne The solution was to transform the plastic Cottee’s Cordial bottle into a pump-action water blaster. Purchase four bottles of cordial and you got the Blaster unit free. It made water fun and got kids interacting with the brand all summer long. Client Changes Welcome DraftFCB New Zealand A giant fridge magnet set was created and huge, colourful magnetic letters and numbers were specially built and stuck onto a white metal billboard. Each week they were rearranged to spell out the new whiteware offer. Lotus Knows More Than You Think Ogilvy One, London The digital screens within Terminal 5 were linked to a live data feed directly from the Wimbledon Information System, which is run by IBM. Support Scent nn Support Scent was a fragrance created with the help of KIT Cosmetics, who donated their expertise to formulate, package and bring it to market, selling for $5 a time through MYER, Australia’s largest department store chain, other cosmetics stores and online. All proceeds go to Guide Dogs Australia. The Great Wall of Education Proximity India Aviva's platform in India is 'Education is Insurance' and its Street to School Program supports this premise. Inviting contributions to help build a wall of books was inviting people to help create a symbol of hope and future for street children.
Broadcast, Press & Inserts
Bombshell Dialogue Dublin There is one scene in the 2004 movie “Downfall”, directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, which is much parodied. The agency thought they would do one more version in which Hitler berates his lackeys for their crappy parody even if the idea is cheap, fast and easy. Drama Queen ATBWA/PHS Helsinki Finland The idea was to give a good script to an inexperienced director and then put it up on Youtube and seed it in blogs read by production companies and film-school students, where it could inspire other equally inexperienced young film-makers to give the competition a go. How U Feelin? Saatchi & Saatchi Using music and words, a fully interactive campaign was created around ‘mash-ups’. World famous musician Paul Hartnoll from Orbital and hot digital film director Dennis Liu recorded and filmed real kids expressing themselves in just a single word or sound. SDIA Project Shalmor Avnon Amichay/ Y&R Tel Aviv A band named SDIA was created and their first release was a song called ‘Going all the way’. This was sent it to all the radio stations, many of whom began to give it airtime. Many DJ’s began asking questions about the mystery band. The World’s Biggest Most Awesome Waste of Time BMF Time is valuable to everyone. So the idea was to get rid of lame ways of wasting time, such as queuing to pay bills, and replace them with awesome ways of wasting time. The World’s Biggest Most Awesome Waste of Time Competition invited people to waste time in spectacular ways.