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Current Issue 20
September 2011

Mail & Door Drops
Annaprasan M&C Saatchi Direct and Digital, Mumbai Biria Sun Life mailed their target audience just such am Annaprasan tray but with objects representing more modern career options. Bouncing Mail Mudra Communications, India Long time customers of Union Bank, who had submitted several ‘change of address’ notifications, were identified in the database and sent mailers that traced the path they had taken from one residence to another. Denim Wunderman Sydney The target audience was defined as being the CEO’s and heads of publishing and broadcasting organisations, and a letter was mailed to them asking for their help and enclosing a CD-R with all the campaign assets. Fan Mail BMF People who are in the business of helping others achieve their dreams are pretty popular. So the idea was to send fan mail to Commonwealth Bank planners and branch staff. Happiness Akestam Holst Sweden eats more candy than any other country. That led to the simple insight that ‘a licorice twist makes everyone happy’. Human Rights Postmark Serviceplan Munich In collaboration with the Austrian Post Office, Reporters Without Borders opened their own Post Office for the day, where a uniquely designed, special edition postmark was used to print over a postage stamp depicting a detained journalist. Share avec ton grand-pere Boondoggle VOO gave everyone who used them a one-off opportunity to share with their grandparents the stuff they had online – sending them everything they wanted to share by post. The James Ready Blank Cap Recall Leo Burnett Toronto Any drinker with a blank cap on their beer could mail it back and in return they would receive 'something' from the brewery as compensation. Each piece of bric-a-brac mailed back came with a personalised note thanking the drinker.
Online & Digital
4th Amendment Wear 4th Amendment Wear Cannes Promo & Activation Gold
Best Use of Social Media
Gold also for Corporate Image
A journey of Faith – The Return of Ferrorama DDB Brazil Cannes Direct Gold
Direct Response Digital
American ROM Cannes Direct Winners
Direct Grand Prix
Promo & Activation Grand Prix
Gold also for FMCG Products & Services
Boob Hijack Archibald Ingall Stretton X-Factor voiceover Peter Dickson called a live, televised sex line and asked the ‘well-equipped’ model provocative questions about examining her breasts. The film that resulted from this exchange was uploaded onto Vimeo and e-mailed to 50,000 male students, who were invited to blog and tweet about it. Decode Jay-Z With Bing Droga5 New York Cannes Direct Gold
Best Integrated Campaign
Department of Advertising Standards and Regulations Barnes, Catmur and friends The idea, was to create the fictitious Department of Advertising Standards and Regulations, which started firing out letters to 150 leading figures in the advertising business, notifying them that their ads were infringing the rules. O2 Fives Archibald Ingall Stretton Fans across the country like the way Arsenal play the game. So they wanted to find the most-liked five-a-side teams and reward them by hosting a tournament on the hallowed turf. One weekend off Mortierbrigade People were asked NOT to use the Scarlet products during the Christmas weekend. If they succeeded, they could win a new TV, computer and phone. The experiment was captured on film before, during and after the Christmas weekend. Response Campaign Wieden & Kennedy Portland USA Cannes Direct Gold
Traffic and Brand Building
Safe for work website Grabarz und Partner An online was designed which could be integrated into favourite web sites. It allowed people to experience the warning system for themselves at their work stations. Save As WWF Cannes Promo & Activation Gold
Best Use of Digital Media
Social Memories Cosalux GmbH Users were then able to look at their lives on Facebook rearranged in a completely new way as a book. They could edit photographs, make changes but then have the book printed with a hardback cover and mailed to them. Take The City Boondoggle (Leuven & Amsterdam) The `Take the city` graffiti challenge was an ingenious Facebook application that allowed runners to draw running routes on satellite pictures of their cities and towns. But not just shapeless running routes, which followed the contours of the map. The Devil wants to be your friend BCM The devil was sent down to Facebook and people invited to become his friends. Fans were invited to sell their souls (or something else dear to their hearts) for a chance to win tickets to the opening night of ‘Faustus’. Volkswagen Journeys Proximity London Rather than list features and benefits, the approach was to surprise and entertain and elicit an emotional rather than rational response.
Outdoor & Events
A journey of Faith – The Return of Ferrorama DDB Brazil Cannes Direct Gold
Direct Response Digital
a little accident Ogilvy Amsterdam An old Volvo was taken apart and put back together again upside down on the chassis of a forklift truck. Burma JWT New York Cannes Direct Gold
Ambient Media
Gold also for Charities & Public Awareness Messages
Homeplus Subway Virtual Store Cheil Worldwide, Seoul, Korea Cannes Direct Gold
Gold also for Retail and E-Commerce
Mirrors Draftfcb Mexico Mirrors were placed in public places and photographs were taken of the room in their reflections. These were printed and stuck onto the mirrors so that passers-by, looking at themselves in the mirror saw the washroom behind them but they themselves were invisible. Smile Advertiser DDB Brazil 11 radio stations in Sao Paulo were persuaded to run a radio spot at exactly the same time one morning, in the middle of the rush-hour. Someone to zip you up McCann Erickson Israel Women can do most things on their own but no matter how independent they are, they all struggle with the zipper. This insight led to JDate approaching Mango, the popular fashion store chain, to use their dresses’ zippers as an advertising medium. The friendship machine Cannes Direct Gold
Ambient Media
Gold also for FMCG Products & Services
The James Ready Pop-Up Billboard Campaign Leo Burnett Toronto The first-ever pop-up billboard was created, which could be taken to places James Ready drinkers congregate, to offer them deals on things they need and save money for beer. The Lazy Ad Guy MercerBell The Lazy Ad Guy was created as a metaphor for all the under-performing online ads out there. He lived in a banner, thus using the medium to showcase the medium. He was a slob with no desire to interact or communicate, just like a banner if it hasn’t had the Fairfax Digital Workout. You too can do something extraordinary M&C Saatchi New Zealand The Christchurch earthquake changed the definition of ‘community’ for many young Kiwis, when the whole country responded as one to the tragedy of the stricken city. Many young people had wanted to help but had found themselves only able to stand by on the sidelines.