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Current Issue 55
June 2020

Online & Digital
#MakingArtWithHeinz Africa Heinz Brazil found a way to help its followers during quarantine days by entertaining and encouraging them to stay home #the200challenge Shackleton Public health authorities everywhere recommend people maintain a distance of 200cm from each other in order to avoid the spread of Covid-19 AntiCOVID19Screensaver Renato Tata & Stefania Esposito The mobile phone, the thing people rely on the most to keep in touch with their families, friends and the news about what is going on in the world, can also be the worst source of contagion Decibels into discounts Wunderman Thompson Dubai In today’s world, working from home is the new normal for millions of office workers Home Wins DAVID, Madrid Libero is the most celebrated football magazine in Spain and Latin America How Normal Was Normal? Luke O’Driscoll, Marco Mollo Like many freelancers in the corona crisis, Milos Mlynarik was out of work in Sydney I Happen to Like New York Arts & Sciences United Way is a non-profit organisation that brings charities and businesses together to try to find solutions to problems of education, poverty and health Pay It Forward Live R/GA, McCann, VM1, Arts & Sciences, Weber Shandwick, Momentum When America embarked on shutdown and most small businesses had to close their doors to their customers, it was estimated that as many as 7 Postpone Your Birthday BBDO Belgium Having your birthday during lockdown due to COVID-19, that sucks The Still, a Tribute to the NHS Henry Wiltshire, Mike Rodgers, Luke Nutt The UK was put into lockdown on March 23rd in an unprecedented step to try to limit the spread of coronavirus The Virtual Egg Hunt DAVID, Madrid When the pandemic confined millions of people to their homes, forcing families to cancel all kinds of outdoor events and stay isolated, it looked as if one of Europe’s most beloved traditions, the Easter Egg Hunt, would be put on hold until 2021 Together All Over The World McCann Worldgroup Romania More than two million Romanians work abroad in countries like Italy, Spain and the UK With Love, Jack Energy BBDO Jack Daniel's wanted a gentle reminder for people to stay home to combat the spread, while also acknowledging the human need to socialise safely Your pitch for every home game Jung von Matt (Sports) In mid-March all football was suspended in Germany Bad Guest Sancho BBDO With 650.000 hosts, it’s not unusual to find inside Airbnb cases of awful guests destroying properties all over the website BBDO Daily BBDO Moscow Advertising is struggling, suffering, dying for a new blood Crónica, the city of disadvantage Sancho BBDO Chronic malnutrition is a condition that grows during the first 1000 days of life, altering the physical and cognitive development of children throughout their lives Hall of Heroes BBDO New York Unlike most U Hey Update My Voice DDB Brazil “Hey, Update My Voice” movement, launched in January by Unesco in partnership with DDB Brazil agency to fight off the attacks on virtual assistants has the support of large companies and gathers hundreds of spontaneous public participations Just Ok Stat Cast BBDO In American college football, stats are an integral part of the game Night Workers Leo Burnett London “Night workers” by McDonald’s celebrates the community and world of dedicated people working throughout the night, who often go unnoticed Perfect Search BBDO Moscow Perfect Fit, a healthy pet food brand, believes that pets need more than a good diet, to be healthy and happy Star Hunt Leo Burnett KSA Saudis live during the night We are looking for disegners Happiness Over 65% of people who excel in art or design have dyslexia
#loveexists AKQA Brasil and Coala.Lab These are unprecedented times in which people in Brazil, as in many other countries, have been asked to stay at home #togetherwerise TBWA\Helsinki On 29th January, the first case of coronavirus was confirmed in Finland, when a Chinese tourist visiting from Wuhan tested positive Brussels by Webcam TBWA Belgium Brussels is a bustling city brimming with passion and culture, yet when coronavirus came the city looked like it was in a coma Lockdown Creative EMILY When snacking brand EMILY bought some outdoor media space in 2019, the brand did so thinking April 2020 would be a perfect time to run its first outdoor advertising campaign My Houseband Wunderman Thompson Italy COVID-19 has been a difficult time for everyone, especially in Italy Neighbourhood Campaign Serviceplan PENNY are conveniently located, neighbourhood supermarkets in Germany Stay home and call Awel Wunderman Thompson Antwerp The corona crisis has been particularly hard on socially vulnerable youngsters Birds Records BBDO Moscow To fight the extinction of birds WWF needed a stable stream of donations Close The Gap Impact BBDO Dubai The gender pay gap has been steadily narrowing globally M&Ms Messages BBDO New York M&M'S status as America’s number-one chocolate is built on the popularity of their classic variants like Peanut and Milk Chocolate Mr. Peanut – An American Icon and The Rise of Baby Nut VaynerMedia For more than a century, PLANTERS has brought people together over nuts Parkipsum’s Wunderman Thompson Australia Parkinson’s NSW launches Parkipsum’s to help spread the word of symptoms via Wunderman Thompson Australia. Sony launches new music video that you can not see Wunderman Thompson Argentina To encourage corneas donations, Wunderman Thompson, a WPP agency, Sony, and the renowned Argentine musician Dante Spinetta created a video clip in collaboration with INCUCAI (Argentina´s best known NGO for organ donation) SP50 - BORN INTEGRATED SERVICEPLAN GERMANY 2020 - Europe's largest, partner-led agency group celebrates its 50th anniversary The Booster Tag CHE Proximity Australian child restraint laws currently focus on age as an indicator of when a child should move out of a booster seat and into an adult restraint