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Current Issue 14
March 2010

Mail & Door Drops
Almost Starred in Transformers 2 Arc Worldwide, Kuala Lumpur The idea was to send them each a storyboard for one of the main scenes in the movie. Except that the board was tweaked to show the recipient of the piece as the hero, as if they had been cast as the leading actor/actress. An Innocent On Death Row DraftFCB Vienna The agency developed a direct mail piece that serves a dual purpose. By pulling the letter out of the envelope, the reader holds a plea for the amnesty of a person who has been sentenced to death. Big Meeting Mug M&C Saatchi, Sydney They may not know the specifics, but given the hype surrounding virtualisation, CIOs are well aware of its benefits. The hard part is selling it to their Chief Financial Officer, and convincing him to finance the set-up costs – particularly in this economic climate. Bites You Back Ogilvy Beijing Trying to save money by using cheap, less effective IT infrastructure can come back to haunt you in the long-term. This DM pack presented this argument clearly and, well, sharply. Dana Cooper Mailing Greymatter, Johannesburg The first target for this personal approach was identified as Dana Cooper, who had just been appointed Head of Marketing at Momentum, a major insurance company in South Africa. EPICA Awards 2009 - The Navigation Letter DDB Berlin Custom-made software was installed which recognized whenever an envelope was about to be printed. It identified the address in MS Word and then connected through to Google Maps. Fish Hook RAPP New Zealand The envelope was constructed with a piece of fishing line and a bright yellow tag protruding through the top. When you pulled at the fishing line, it ripped open the envelope so you literally reeled in the contents. Inheritance campaign EHS Brann, Cirencester A pack was mailed out purporting to come from a firm of solicitors informing the recipient that he could be in line for an inheritance from a possible Aussie ancestor. The inheritance? A year’s supply of Foster’s. Long Envelope DraftFCB New Zealand The idea was to take prospects on a ‘journey’ that demonstrated how the frugality of a BMW diesel can allow owners to have the occasional, well-earned, old-fashioned ‘to-hell-with-it’ moment of decadence. Personalised Stamps Saatchi & Saatchi DGS New Zealand It’s you – on a stamp! The awards night was an opportunity for everyone to look their best. So a great portrait photographer was hired to take photographs of all the great and the good in advertising and marketing who were at the awards night. Saint Brendan Dialogue, Ireland 200 Marketing Directors of medium to large American companies were targeted and mailed a piece depicting Saint Brendan, an Irishman who is thought to have reached America long before Columbus. Star Campaign RMG Target, Dublin A simple but highly visible envelope with a large window showed a 5 cent coin stuck to a card containing a scratch panel, which once scratched, revealed a personalised URL and unique code. The Heinz Baby Club Haygarth The challenge was to develop a baby club which was sufficiently different from all the other similar clubs out there to become a young mum’s favourite source of information about nutrition during pregnancy and in the first years of her baby’s life. Toy Soldiers Y&R South Africa 1000 packs were mailed out. Initially, the mailer appears to be a typical packet of toy soldiers, but once opened, the recipient finds that the figurines are in fact children - reading books, playing soccer, riding bikes and doing other childhood activities. In other words, doing what they would do in a normal life. Track Day Invitation RAPP New Zealand In place of a test drive, the target audience of 1500 existing and potential GTi owners was invited to a private Track Day, where they could put a new Golf GTI through its paces on a closed race-track. Valentine’s Day Shackleton, Madrid St. Valentine´s Day is the most romantic day of the year. Men and women give and receive presents from their partners so the agency thought Calle 13 should give presents too. But, of course, the channel is more about action and drama than soppy love stuff so two completely different mailings were created.
Online & Digital
Earth In Your hands Wunderman Sydney By combining augmented reality with data capture, personalisation and live data streaming the agency believe they have created a world-first. EPICA Awards 2009 - Bank Transfer Job-Ad DraftFCB Vienna The agency created a completely new medium in the credit transfer, transferring 1 Euro to other agencies using online money transfer systems which eagle-eyed accountants would spot. EPICA Awards 2009 - Guards Saatchi & Saatchi, London Every year, Saatchi’s hosts the New Directors Showcase at the Cannes Advertising Festival. EPICA Awards 2009 - Personal Inspiration Guide Lemz, Amsterdam Just as you use tearsheets in brainstorming sessions, so IKEA encouraged visitors to the site to ‘tear’ images and pages from the online catalogue and upload them into their own personal inspiration guides. It’s handraising not fundraising Story UK The agency created the ihave website ( and asked 25 deserving charities what resources they could really do with in 2010. Which items might they struggle to find in the year ahead what with tighter budgets? Josh’s Band Saatchi & Saatchi, London The agency started by interviewing the general public on the streets of Manchester and London about what they would do with free texts and internet for life. While filming these vox-pops on Brick Lane in London, a young man called Josh said he’d use his free texts and free internet to start a superband. Lynx After Hours Tullo Marshall Warren The After Hours section in the Lounge is where visitors could see what actual Lynx girls got up to ‘After Hours’ (after a busy day looking gorgeous). Movies are Better With Animals AIM Proximity New Zealand There are loads of movies screened outdoors but few inside a zoo. So what’s unique about zoos? Well, for starters there are animals. Mystery Egg OgilvyOne, Beijing Young people in China have a special affection for plastic capsule vending machines as they’re fun and what lies within the capsules is often a surprise. Operation Free Petrol Proximity BBDO Belgium Consumers feel the credit crunch most at the petrol station, where they are often shocked by the rising cost of fuel. Qualifying Games Viral Campaign Lowe Sydney The tack the FFA adopted was to promote the opposition the Socceroos were going to have to face (Uzbekistan, Bahrain, Qatar and Japan) as being fierce adversaries, quite capable of knocking Australia out of the tournament. Wunderman Sydney Burying $10,000 on the internet and challenging people to find it was a world-first. The entire campaign lived in social media. Not a single cent was spent on bought media. The Hero DraftFCB Stockholm This particular target audience comprises people who are frequent users of the internet, spending more time online than the average citizen. Tuitorama DDB Brazil Players can race two cars in a real slot-car game using Twitter to drive the vehicles forwards. Twitmas Tree 3Sixty The agency took the traditional Christmas wishing tree and moved it online, inviting friends, clients and colleagues to contribute their wish by using Twitter.