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Current Issue 2
March 2007

Mail & Door Drops
‘Just don’t expect any thanks, all right?’ cchm:ping A letter and brochure about a long-terms savings scheme for parents to invest in for their children, based on the idea that though you do the right thing for your children, you can’t expect them to thank you. ‘On a plate’ Proximity London A step-by-step direct mail campaign that builds on the new Sainsbury’s proposition ‘Try Something New Today’ to make online grocery shopping fun, inspiring and even emotional. ‘Penny Drop’ and Science ‘Clone’ DM packs DraftFCB London Two mail packs designed to encourage teaching applications in Physics and Science. Both packs bring the subject to life and reinforce the message through a clever use of envelope format. The first asks, ‘How fast does a penny drop?’ and contains a real penny in a transparent slot. The second dramatises cloning by repeating the address window over and over again on the envelope, before challenging the recipient, ‘could you explain cloning?’ aQa Pickwick ‘Water Tank Reintegration Program’ Proximity Amsterdam To introduce aQa Pickwick’s water system, prospects were sent ‘the Water tank reintegration program’, consisting of a plastic water tank, which can be reused as a wastepaper basket or vase, as well as an instruction manual outlining other recycling ideas for the now defunct water tank. The accompanying letter proposes a free trial of aQa Pickwick’s system and gives a unique code, which recipients can check on the website to see whether they have won one of 20 aQa Pickwick systems. Armband DDB WWAV Rapp Collins A box mailer containing a David Beckham Academy and Volkswagen co-branded captain’s armband. This mailer kicked off a wider integrated campaign that also featured the competition on posters, press, radio and point of sale. Baileys Welcome Pack Chemistry Group A welcome pack activity that embraces the ‘co-creation’ trend by getting existing members of the Baileys RM Programme, The Baileys Lounge, to send in postcards illustrating their ‘simple pleasures’, resulting in a coffee table-style book that is sent to every new member. Balloon Tullo Marshall Warren A mailing to encourage housing associations to contribute to the Government's CO2 reduction targets, in the form of a blown-up helium balloon, demonstrating how much CO2 is released into the air by leaving a light on for just 40 minutes. Bent Double Publicis Dialog Worldwide A simple door drop dramatising the problem of back pain and offering a discount on a course of treatment to solve it. Dad’s Pack BMF An insert used in the hospital take-home bags given to mothers in Australia after the birth of a new child. An innovative use of an existing channel to reach new dads, the pack included items that they might find useful at this key moment in their lives. Dad’s Pack BMF An insert used in the hospital take-home bags given to mothers in Australia after the birth of a new child. An innovative use of an existing channel to reach new dads, the pack included items that they might find useful at this key moment in their lives. Enjoy Your Trip Stephens Francis Whitson A personalised piece for recent flight bookers, giving them tips on their destination, recommendations on places to stay, visit and eat, as well as a fold out map with their name on it. Goodbye Landlord TEQUILA Auckland With escalating house prices in New Zealand, the ability to save for a deposit was becoming a pipedream for many. But when ASB Bank became one of the first to offer 100% home loans it gave tenants a chance to get off the rental treadmill and say goodbye to their landlord forever. Tenants received a ready-written ‘Goodbye Landlord’ letter, in a reusable envelope, with the compliments of ASB. The bank had made it so easy for them to move into a home of their own, even giving notice to the landlord was a breeze. Guinness Insider Relationship Marketing Program OgilvyOne Worldwide Kuala Lumpur The Guinness Insider Relationship Marketing Program was created to build brand loyalty and affinity among high value drinkers. It drew on insights to deliver relevant, compelling communications and give a sense of belonging among its members, a group of fiercely loyal and staunch Guinness drinkers who are deeply rooted in their Chinese heritage. Building on the understanding that newspapers are valued as essential brain food by this group, who are interested in insightful news presented from an independent angle as compared to the local newspapers, the core communication of the program centred on the Guinness Insider Newspaper. Hello DDB WWAV Rapp Collins A simple door drop in the form of a personal note from the local Esso delivery driver. The door drop was delivered to 100,000 Belgian households in support of a press campaign to increase awareness of ExxonMobil’s premium heating oil – Esso Optiplus. IBM’s Management Book Ogilvy Amsterdam A DM piece in the form of a management book for CEOs to demonstrate that IBM is no longer just a hard- and software provider, but also offers companies business solutions to help them succeed. Meet vodem Draft New Zealand A simple direct mail piece that formed part of an integrated multi-media Lowe + Draft campaign to launch Vodafone’s wireless broadband modem. The piece focuses on the simplicity of the new ‘vodem’ device. NUS Student Pocket TEQUILA Manchester A mailing to recruit student-orientated companies to the NUS Extra Card. In the form of a ‘pocket’ containing a student card-styled insert detailing the benefits of being associated with the card, the piece was intended to show how the card could help brands literally get inside students’ pockets. Paparazzi Lead - Grey Direct A mailpack in the form of a ‘top secret’ detective file containing Polaroid style snapshots of the new Audi TT to attract potential buyers to the Audi showroom. Shane Sheehan Clemenger BBDO Direct Clever use of an existing communication channel - official penalty notices - to warn young male offenders of the risks of speeding. Suicide Note Tullo Marshall Warren
(Booklet design by O&M London)
One of two mailings to business leaders to encourage corporate support of CALM. This pack, sent to female business leaders, consisted of a Police Evidence bag containing a crumpled suicide note headed ‘Dear Mum’. The pack also contained a booklet with more information about CALM.
Textual Harassment Proximity BBDO Paris A multi-phased mail campaign to encourage department stores to stock the new ultra-slim T7 digital camera. Distributors were bombarded by a series of letters, seemingly from customers demanding that they stock the new camera. This was followed by a reveal containing a scale ‘model’ of the camera itself with all its product specifications. Totally Personalised Disc BBH London Personalised CD-ROM mailing to Audi prospects that promotes the new Q7 and makes it easy to book your test drive by providing pre-filled confirmation forms on the disc.
Online & Digital
Crusty Demons Tattoo Parlour New Media Maze A viral tool to spread awareness for Extreme Motocross game ‘Crusty Demons’. The tool allows users to create their own personalised tattoo which a sultry Motocross model then sexily reveals within a video format that can be emailed on to friends. Effortless Boyfriend Arc Worldwide To communicate the ease of use of their new Compak tampon, Tampax decided to take the effort out of another part of teenage girls’ lives: boyfriends. The Tampax Effortless Boyfriend is a virtual beau who sends confidence-boosting emails, gives presents and generally helps make his real girlfriend’s life easier. And if she gets tired of him, she can simply go online, dump him and choose another – effortlessly. Karaoke, Baby, Lingerie Claydon Heeley An MMS campaign highlighting different scenarios in which video calling speaks 1,000 words, or when words simply aren't enough. Scenarios vary according to target audience and include the birth of a best friend’s baby, a woman buying new lingerie and a boss making a fool of himself at a Karaoke club. Spam Proximity London An email campaign to encourage customers to add Eurostar to their safe senders list. The email features an image of some real spam to reassure customers that this is the only spam that they’ll be receiving from Eurostar. Too Much Pleasure Proximity BBDO Paris A website dedicated to the idea of extreme pleasure to reestablish Manix’s brand positioning within the condom sector. Voice of a City Proximity London Voice of a City is an independent blog, ‘sponsored’ by Eurostar, on which a group of Parisians write about their daily lives and their favourite haunts in the city, in order to give travellers an insight into day to day life in Paris and encourage repeat visits via Eurostar’s rail service.
Outdoor & Events
Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder TEQUILA Johannesburg A stunt-based campaign supported by additional poster and ambient activity to illustrate how drinking affects your judgement and therefore that drinking and driving is not a good idea. Beer Coaster Y&R Germany A guerrilla promotion in the form of beer coasters for a fantasy beer brand. The coaster asks drinkers either to leave their car parked where it is or, if they are intending to drive home, to complete their last will and testament on the back of the coaster and leave it behind with the barman. Blood Box M&C Saatchi Sydney A donation box full, not of money, but of blood, to show students that they can make a difference without making a financial commitment. Dog Food DDB Worldwide Ltd A point of sale piece in the form of a can of dog food containing a toy rabbit to help children and parents think twice about whether they are really committed to becoming a pet owner. Find Your Perfect Match Draft New Zealand An ambient campaign to illustrate the random, fleeting nature of meeting your significant other in a big city. The message ‘Find your perfect match’ was split in half and the halves placed on the backs of buses running on inner city loop routes. Only when buses with the two ‘opposite halves’ were side by side could you read the full message. Underwater Text Campaign Clemenger BBDO Direct An underwater text campaign to highlight the presence of pollutants in Wellington’s seas and harbours and recruit new members to GWRC’s ‘Be the Difference’ initiative.
Army on Everest Publicis, Publicis Dialog Worldwide, PCI Fitch When the British Army attempted to climb Everest the hard way, advertising, press and PR followed their progress. Email and online advertising drove traffic to where there were video clips and content about the expedition as well as the opportunity to find out about careers in the Army. Hairdressing Partners Andrews Aldridge An integrated campaign focusing on Harington’s expertise at colouring and styling. Eschewing the more common model shots, press and poster executions use graphical imagery to highlight the hairdresser’s perfectionism. Ambient and mail pieces in the form of a mirror humorously remind customers to make an appointment. On The Map MRM Worldwide An integrated, personalised campaign to persuade Microsoft Partners to join the Microsoft Small Business Specialist Community. Featuring direct mail, email and a microsite, the campaign was based around the idea of ‘putting your business on the map’ and used aerial mapping and postcode data to do so. Once Extinct FEEL / BLAC Part of the multi-media ‘Save the Albatross’ campaign, the direct mailer takes the form of a school satchel, containing postcards of drawings created by students at Thorpe Hall School, and a child’s textbook with information about the albatross and how supporters of the RSPB can help stop it from becoming extinct. Other elements of the integrated campaign also drew on the children’s imaginative answers when asked what they thought an albatross was. Platinum Human Testing Facility BMF An integrated multi-media campaign to launch Tooheys Extra Dry Platinum, focusing on the idea of a scientific testing clinic and inviting Tooheys Extra Dry Platinum drinkers to send in samples for DNA testing. Poms Will Whinge M&C Saatchi Sydney An integrated campaign based on the central idea of whinging Poms to encourage young Australians to apply for a placement with a British creative guru. R-Class Writers Claydon Heeley An integrated DM and microsite for the R-Class launch, based on the proposition: ‘Six perspectives on one great experience’. Six writers from diverse fields share their first impressions - each from a different seat / perspective. The mailpack includes their written words, on paper suited to their genres, while on the microsite the authors’ spoken narratives are accompanied by stylish illustrations. Roominess Campaign archibald ingall stretton Skoda’s campaign to launch the new ‘Roomster’ model in the UK started with a pre-launch microsite providing product information and an opportunity to data capture. This was followed by direct mailings, press inserts and online ads, each using different creative executions to emphasise the ‘roominess’ of the Roomster. Slim.Fast Re-launch Chemistry Group An integrated campaign based on a new range of products and the central proposition that you can ‘Slim Happy’ with Slim.Fast, in order to give Slim.Fast a major image overhaul.