Current Issue 60
September 2021

Outdoor & Events
Botanical Banksy x London Fever PR UNLIMITED were running a campaign based on the theme ‘We need more flowers’, which sought to remind people how flowers are central to so many of life’s important moments, especially since lockdown when online sales of flowers rocketed by 277%. co2lourless drawings FamousGrey Volvo is on a mission to build only 100% electric cars by 2030 and to be fully climate neutral by 2040 Liquid Billboard Havas Middle East Globally, 32% of women don’t feel comfortable swimming in public Plastic Fishing Tournament We Believers Beer brand Corona has long positioned itself as a beer for the beach Racism Targets BETC HAVAS São Paulo One thing is necessary to fight against racism, courage Refreshingly Texan – Bug Killing Neon Sign Callen, Austin TX In 2020, Lone Star Beer introduced a new campaign built on the concept of ‘Refreshingly Texan’ The Social Distancing Prayer Mat Impact BBDO, BBDO Pakistan Traditional prayer mats, the jaanemaz, are about 70cm wide and used in mosques where Muslims pray next to each other with their shoulders practically touching Who’s your Cabbie VMLY&R Dubai Throughout the pandemic, cab drivers kept Dubai moving but they didn’t always get the appreciation they deserved Fancy a McDonald’s? Leo Burnett London Celebrate the authentic role McDonald’s plays in our everyday lives and to remind us that, amid life’s pressures, we all need moments of light-hearted release The self-exam mannequin White Rabbit Budapest Breast self-exam (BSE), if performed regularly, can be an important way to find a breast cancer early, when it’s more likely to be treated successfully
1,8 Ogilvy Mexico In April 2020, the Mexican government, in its wisdom, declared that brewing beer was a non-essential business activity and all breweries were ordered to suspend activities Heartbreak Ice Cream VMLY&R Commerce Mexico/ Cleveland When Mexico was hit by the pandemic, Elena's Helados had no choice but to close its stores HerShe 2021 BETC HAVAS São Paulo Hershey's considered recognition of women to be a fundamental part of its DNA
Made From Melbourne Saatchi & Saatchi Australia Melbourne was said to be the live music capital of the world with more live music played on more stages than any other city Meet Sarha Wunderman Thompson Saudi Arabia Saudi Telecom Company had the biggest network and the widest coverage across Saudi Arabia but competitors were making false claims against this proven statistic Performance Enhancing Music CHE Proximity Samsung and Optus were official sponsors of the Tokyo Olympics Sponsor of Mom-and-pop shops Wunderman Thompson Bangkok Corner shops, affectionately known as mom-and-pop shops, suffered during the Covid-19 pandemic in Thailand The Golf Ad Break Championship DDB Sydney The task was to launch the new Golf GTI The Three-Quarter Pizza Box Mullen Lowe Mena The holy month of Ramadan is usually marked by fasting during the day until sunset, when Muslims can eat Iftar, the traditional evening meal The Trash Collection Try Every year in Norway alone, over 3 million pieces of furniture are thrown away Wasted Potential Beers TBWA\Helsinki In 2021 the city of Lahti was the European Green Capital Buy Toronto Time Berners Bowie Lee As Toronto was coming out of lockdown, people were excited by talk of the roaring twenties The Lost Class Leo Burnett Chicago 3,044 students should have graduated high school in the U