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Catch A Plane

Leo Burnett Moscow

Issue 32 | September 2014

  • Catch A Plane

    Leo Burnett Moscow
    Issue 32 | September 2014

    The task was to increase the number of frequent flyers in the program and inform them about S7 Airlines and Oneworld alliance destinations.
  • First Tracks

    Forsman & Bodenfors
    Issue 31 | June 2014

    Helly Hansen was one of the leading Scandinavian outdoor clothing brands.
  • Inkable

    BBDO New York/ Atmosphere Proximity
    Issue 31 | June 2014

    Nearly two billion people around the world had connected through social media, for the most part sharing their photos.
  • LG G2 Smart Banners

    M&C Saatchi, Stockholm
    Issue 31 | June 2014

    In fall 2013, LG launched the new G2 Smartphone. It was quicker, smarter, had better display and longer battery time.
  • Phone Stack

    BBDO Proximity, Kuala Lumpur
    Issue 31 | June 2014

    It all started from an insight: that Malaysians spend a quarter of their waking hours on their phones.
  • Mobilizing the 12th man

    Memac Ogilvy Label Tunisia/Ogilvy/Action Tunisia
    Issue 28 | September 2013

    2 years after the Arab Spring, tension amongst the Tunisians remained.
  • Free the forced

    Cheil Germany
    Issue 27 | June 2013

    The UN has estimated that around the world each year, some 60 million girls and young women under the age of 18 are forced to marry without their consent.
  • Pleasure Hunt – 5 Lost Kisses

    Lowe Brindfors
    Issue 27 | June 2013

    In 2011 and in 2012 Magnum had supported their range of ice-creams with ‘Pleasure Hunt’ games which had been incredibly successful, attracting more than 23 million unique visitors to the Magnum website.
  • Replace Your Voicemail Message

    McCann Brussels
    Issue 27 | June 2013

    Samusocial wanted to raise money from text donations and had set up an app which took one Euro for every SMS sent.
  • Sweden’s Largest Energy Experiment

    Forsman & Bodenfors
    Issue 27 | June 2013

    Taking energy for granted meant unnecessary waste, when people used more energy than they really needed.
  • The Parcel Memory

    Akestam Holst
    Issue 27 | June 2013

    The brief was to promote the Swedish Post’s pre-franked parcels and encourage people to send more Xmas gifts in December.
  • The SOS SMS

    Issue 27 | June 2013

    Brazil is now the 6th economy in the world but homeless children are still a sad reality. On traffic lights is where they gather to ask drivers for help or money.
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