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Current Issue 43
June 2017

Online & Digital
A Table To End Hunger McCann Sydney Because Australia has an abundance of food, many Australians took their next meal for granted - and had little understanding for those who struggle to find their next meal. AiMEN BETC 'The Young Pope' was a new series from CANAL+ starring Jude Law as a pontiff with a difference. Bic Champenships McCann Melbourne The best thing about Bic 4 Colour Pens was they lasted a really long time. Chat With Your Ads Happiness FCB by Ebay was Belgium's biggest second-hand store. code: SEVERE AMV BBDO On July 7th 2005, three bombs were detonated by Islamists in Central London, killing 56 people and injuring 700. Creators Wanted Leo Burnett Sydney As part of its partnership with Questacon (The National Science & Technology Centre) Samsung wanted to raise awareness and consideration of science, technology, engineering and maths subjects (S.T.E.M.) amongst young Australians aged 15 to 18. From the Start OgilvyOne Worldwide, Athens During a tough market recession in Greece, chocolate consumption dropped and competition was fierce. Go Balls Out FCB New Zealand Testicular cancer was the most common cancer among 15-39 year old males. Halo Wars 2 War of Wits 215 McCann Halo is a series of first-person shooter games managed by Microsoft Studios, which revolve around the inter-galactic struggle between humanity and an alliance of aliens calling themselves the Covenant. InstantDJ BBDO New York Bacardi had long been associated with music and nightlife. But reaching the brand's millennial audience in social media was difficult because they tended to skip past branded social content. School for Justice J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam India had the most underage girls in prostitution in the world with an estimated 1.2 million children working in brothels. Simply Natural Havas Worldwide Dubai In the Middle East and GCC region, Wella Koleston was perceived by millenials as a brand 'for my mom'. Sir David Attenborough’s Story of Life AKQA London The Story of Life assembled the largest collection of Sir David Attenborough’s most informative and breathtaking moments, in one place. It gave viewers control so that they could define and create their own discoveries of the natural world. UberESCAPE Les Gaulois Founded in 1965, Transavia was a low-cost airline operated by the Air France- KLM Group with a mission to stand for accessibility and affordability. #HiddenTrack Marcel Limited edition models DS 3 Ines de la Fressange and DS 4 Crossback Moondust will be produced respectively in 500 and 150 units in France (1,000 and 210 units worldwide). #kidsaredicks 360i On Jan. 1, FOX premiered their new comedy series “The Mick” starring Kaitlin Olson #NotMusicToMyEars OgilvyOne Worldwide As the most popular genre among India's youth, Bollywood music has had a telling impact on behaviour and psyche. 80ml Det / Rippler Heavy menstrual bleeding is one of the most common symptoms of uterine fibroids – non-cancerous tumours composed of muscular tissue in the uterus. Amplify VML Kansas Athletes are increasingly using technology to fuel their workouts. Dr. Oetker Baking App BBDO Düsseldorf GmbH Dr. Oetker is the number one baking brand in Germany, where they've been making recipes with their products for over 125 years. Eaternet Aktuellmix Situation: in 2016, financial crisis in Brazil, every brand was rewarding prizes like houses, cars and money (the most aspirational prizes in the country). Equal Pay Day Europe and mortierbrigade find out why Donald Trump speaks like a 9-year-old. mortierbrigade, Brussels Tremendous", "great", "huge", "very big" and "China". Gaming Marathon Leo Burnett Israel Samsung has over the last years been the main sponsor of the Tel Aviv Marathon – the country’s biggest sports event. GE Podcast Theater Presents BBDO New York GE's revolutionary Digital Twin technology uses artificial intelligence to create virtual clones of machines to predict issues. Ketnet Dub FamousGrey Learning to read doesn't come as easy to every child. Reading out loud, however, has been shown to be an effective method for making it both easier and more fun. Martini DJ Bot: Keeping summer alive Proximity London Martini is traditionally enjoyed during summer evenings between 5-7pm, aperitivo time. Ostrich Leo Burnett Chicago Out of the Ordinary Publicis Conseil Launched late 2016 in several fast-growing foreign markets, such as China, Australia and Middle East, New Koleos, the latest high-end SUV signed by Renault, finally arrives in Europe. PAX it! Grabarz & Partner IKEA’s PAX wardrobe system can be endlessly expanded with additional modules. Quest to LEGOLAND VML Kansas In America, when it comes to family vacations, parents prefer road travel because it gives them more control and quality time as a family. Stop The Shame VML Kansas Addiction is America’s most neglected disease. Terms and Conditions VML Sao Paulo In Brazil, every 11 minutes one woman is sexually violated. Your Name Saves Leo Burnett Chicago 120,000 people are waiting for an organ donation.
Outdoor & Events
IKEA Cook this page Leo Burnett Toronto When it came to cooking dinner, most people found new foods and recipes to be intimidating. Sandbox VR Experience POL Norway, MediaMonks To show that Audi's technological edge was not just in their cars but in the brand's DNA, Audi Norway wanted its campaign for the new Audi Q5 to reflect their commitment to technology. The Conscious Crossing Clemenger BBDO New Zealand Last year, 28 New Zealanders were hit or experienced near misses at railway level crossings. Zombie Christmas: The Real- World Trailer McCann London Xbox had to launch Dead Rising 4, a Christmas-themed zombie game, at Christmas time. But in the UK, Christmas is like the Superbowl. Brands compete to make the biggest TV ad. Delicious Supplement Beacon, Leo Burnett Tokyo Stressed and overworked Japanese are ignoring their nutritional needs, increasing the burden on the country’s healthcare system. Flash Wall BBDO New York BACARDí's We Are The Night campaign has proven that BACARDí truly owns the night. Reverse Parade 360i In early 2017, a wave of conservative politics began to quickly permeate through the United States with actions like the reversal of rules protecting transgender Americans. Smart Billboard Leo Burnett Israel A regular watch can nowadays be seen as a valuable accessory. Suavitel Love Tag VML Kansas Suavitel, a premium fabric softener in Latin America, was facing increased pressure and competition from local brands. Tell It Like It Is Big Al’s Creative Emporium Ditch the red wine and roses, Valentine’s Day is a time for lovers…
DB Export Beer Bottle Sand Colenso BBDO Sand is the second most-exploited resource on the planet (behind water). It is used in the production of almost everything, from construction to pharmaceuticals. Hungry Jack's Brekk-e-tag Clemenger BBDO Sydney Hungry Jack's, Australia's version of Burger King, is famous for burgers, not breakfast. The Ripple Doughnut Droga5 To launch the Chase Ink Business Preferred card, the task was to prove to business owners how valuable the reward points could be when invested back in their businesses. Time With Mum 303 MullenLowe The target audience was predominantly 17-29 year old males living in metro areas, a group of drivers more inclined than others to drink drive, use their mobile phones while driving and not wear their seatbelts. V Skills TKT Sydney V was a popular energy drink in Australia, so popular that Australia is one of the few countries where Red Bull was not the market leader. Versailles for Kids BETC Paris In 2015, the French entertainment channel CANAL+ launched 'Versailles', a blockbuster TV series that traced the reign of Louis XIV, the raunchy and unpredictable King of France. #KidsToday; the least active kids in history FP7 Dubai Kids today are not experiencing life as they should be. A letter from a buffalo: Tesco Lotus Pracharat GREYnJ United During the dry season in Thailand, many farmers leave their hometown to find a job in Bangkok in order to provide financial support to their family. Catwalk to Cart Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Australian retailer, Myer, hosts a number of catwalk shows every year. Korama DDB Sydney Volkswagen was about to introduce the Amarok V6, the most powerful pick-up truck in its class. Mini Legends Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Everyone loves the footy, but hates the ads. Until now. One Source VML South Africa bsolut Vodka is “the world’s only One Source vodka”. Snap Your Way In VML Kansas Despite several years of record-breaking tourism numbers, the state of Tennessee was seeing the number of millennial visitors decreasing. The first bag that gives life Cheil Germany GmbH There are plenty alternatives to plastic shopping bags, but the thin plastic bags for fruits and vegetables are still used by the billions. Each of them pollutes our nature up to 500 years. Tough Tap Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Mercury Cider was first brewed in Tasmania, 1911. Times were harder back then, which is why it has a higher alcohol content than other ciders. Until we all belong Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Airbnb’s core focus is to create a world where people can belong anywhere. Weis Juicy Cuts Clemenger BBDO Brisbane Weis is a well-loved Australian ice cream brand with a 60 year heritage.