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Current Issue 37
December 2015

Online & Digital
Bopheads CHI & Partners TalkTalk had sponsored 'The X Factor' in previous years and in 2015 had decided to renew their partnership with Simon Cowell's hit TV show. Do it for mom Robert/Boisen & Like-minded In 2014, Spies Travel launched the 'Do it for Denmark' campaign in which they pointed out that Denmark's birth rates were dangerously low. Power Behind The Plug Droga5 New York More than 10 years ago, people started asking questions about how their food was made. This prompted the food industry to make some important changes. Rehab Project FCB Chicago Every year, nearly 10 million tons of furniture ended up as landfill. Slide CHI & Partners 'Slide' was the fourth project in the 'Amazing in Motion' campaign for Lexus, designed to illustrate the brand's engineering credentials and adventurous spirit. Stand Up Marathon Mecka Taking advantage of a trend for runners to use various apps to track their progress and share their success, the idea was to create an app that did exactly the same but for standing. Talking Hearts Escala SIMERS was a Brazilian doctors' labour union. The Catch-up Grant DDB Stockholm Thanks to popular online streaming services, the way people viewed TV had changed considerably. The Hold Out BBDO Toronto After a ten-year hiatus, Doritos brought back Ketchup flavoured chips in 2014. Tiger Royalty Happiness Brussels Panthera was a global wild cat conservation organization, whose mission was to ensure a future for big cats and the vast landscapes on which they depended. Westin OOO generator BBH New York There had been an increasing number of stories in the press about how Americans were not taking their full quote of vacation days. Wi-Fi Dogs DDB Germany Everyone knows the problem. When you go abroad, you waste huge amounts of time searching for free Wi-Fi to avoid the horrendous phone bills roaming usually involves. #justaddski and get the season started Perfect Fools The new Peak Performance winter collection was launched in the early autumn. 2015 Tiffany Keys ‘Unlock the Possibilities’ W+K Shanghai It has never been a more exciting time for a Chinese woman. Eyescare app Famous 'National Eye Health Week', an initiative of the A.P.O.O.B. (Belgian Opticians and Optometrists Association) was proud to announce the launch of the free 'Eyescare' app, to coincide with World Sight Day. Instatrip Eigen Fabrikaat, DDB Group Vast white plains. The best slopes with crispy Champagne Powder snow. Or, when you're lucky, even the Northern Lights. It's not cheating when it's your Dream Team The Sun / News UK Last year Dream Team players were lost who had been put off by the need to give their payment details. The F*cking Tube Strike Map Impero Digital and social agency Impero, has focused it's efforts on producing great work for it's clients. The Suncell Guide MRM//McCann Stockholm Vattenfall was Sweden's biggest generator of electricity and producer of heat. Winners Podium - The T Ogilvy & Mather Malaysia For years MILO had held conversations with Malaysian moms about the best ways to raise children with the spirit of a champion.
Outdoor & Events
#NYCTakeoff Mullen Lowe Because JetBlue's headquarters were in the borough of Queens, it was fitting that they called themselves 'New York's Hometown Airline'. Pedestrians in the spotlight DDB Brussels When they launched the new A4, Audi wanted to show that the new model was equipped with innovative Matrix LED headlights. Peephole Preview DDB Melbourne The Melbourne Theatre Company wanted to promote their latest production, 'Birdland' – a play about a rock star and his excessive, often nihilistic existence in hotel rooms. Silent Bus Sessions Forsman & Bodenfors The 55 bus was the first fully electric bus line in Gothenburg, Sweden. Stop the Spread Disciple Communications Australia had the highest incidence of melanoma in the world, with one person dying every six hours. The Coca-Cola laugh mob Gonzales/serviceplan Belgium The Belgian division of the Coca-Cola Company wanted to support their "Choose Happiness" campaign with a local market stunt with viral potential. The Great Escape JVM Limmat The country town of Graubünden needed more tourists, even though this peaceful place in Switzerland was only two hours away from the bustling centre of Zürich. The Tattoo Flyer Leo Burnett Group Thailand Each year, Tourism Authority of Thailand had to showcase the country at more than 20 trade shows around the world. The Unforgotten Soldiers DDB Group New Zealand A century had passed since the outbreak of World War One and with no surviving veterans left the events of 1914-18 had become a distant memory. #ThisIsMarwen Leo Burnett Chicago Marwen is a free art school for under-served Chicago youth. Futures At Your Feet 303Lowe The brief was to help potential students get started on the path to a career at Edith Cowan University's Open Day. Kit Kat Massage Billboard JWT Colombia With its high population density, traffic jams and crowded public transport system, Bogotá was one of the most stressful and chaotic cities in Latin America. No tree, no animal Y&R Malaysia The Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) was Malaysia's largest and oldest non-government environment organisation. Vodafone 1984G Street Wasserman Experience Vodafone commissioned Wasserman Experience to create a unique experience to celebrate #30yearsVodafone - the 30th anniversary of the first mobile phone call made in the UK on Vodafone's network on 1st January 1985.