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Current Issue 44
September 2017

Online & Digital
#ZeroPointFiveEffect Tribal 121 Peru had the third highest rate of road accidents caused by drunk driving. Advertising Charter BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Israel was a melting pot, a country of immigrants who came from many different parts of the world. Chef Watson Ogilvy Paris For many outside IBM's normal audience of technological savvy people, the worlds of Artificial Intelligence and cognitive computing were intimidating. Don't scroll and drive BBR Saatchi & Saatchi "Distracted driving" is what they called it. Fans against all odds Leo Burnett Moscow Lokomotiv was one of the great Russian football clubs, sponsored by the Russian Railways company. Home, a VR Spacewalk REWIND The BBC had a long history of innovation in how it informed, educated and entertained. Kiss the Kremlin DM9DDB In Russia, the LGBTQ community was threatened with violence and prison. Any sort of gay parade was banned for 100 years. Little Bit of the Tour Fallon London Škoda had been long-time global sponsors of the Tour de France. Reimagine Zahra's World OgilvyOne Dubai Refugee stories were everywhere in media. Skin Memories BBDO Belgium Skin cancer was the easiest form of cancer to avoid because it could be seen and detected in the earliest stages. SnapSkate Ogilvy & Mather Berlin Snapchat was one of the most popular social media platforms for teens on mobile devices. The best in the world for me Wirz/BBDO Migros is Switzerland's largest retailer. The Colour of Corruption Grey Brazil During the economic boom in Brazil of the 2000s, though consumer spending soared, many companies often failed to deliver on their promises. The Rewearable Dress Y&R Brazil The hospital of Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Sao Paulo had seen a drop of 35% in the numbers of blood donors. Watch What Happens Next 360i After 14 seasons of "Watch What Happens Live" with Andy Cohen (WWHL), Bravo's live, unfiltered late night show, Bravo wanted to attract new viewers and position Andy Cohen as the 'Late Night King of Fun.' WWHL was the only late night show that truly aired live. World's Most Eligible Bachelor Ogilvy Africa The last living Northern White Rhino lived in Kenya's Ol Pejeta conservancy and could not mate naturally due to old age and a range of other issues. #runthespring Les Gaulois Winter is often the season of relaxation, where snow, cold, rain and wind make running impractical and gives everyone a very good excuse for not going out. Breaking the pattern with adidas GLITCH Possible, Iris Start-up culture is ripe with experimentation and originality. Risk breeds creativity and these are the companies driving meaningful change in our industry. Dinner with Georgia WINDFOR'S For the first time in history the record-braking 6 million international visitors entered Georgia (population – 3,7 million) throughout one year (2016). Night Creature Generator BBDO New York To strengthen Bacardi's association to music / nightlife and make their bat logo stand for something, data was used to match people to their own 'Night Creature' based on their music listening habits. Stop Corrida BETC Advertising agency, BETC Paris, produced an awareness campaign for FLAC Anticorrida about the cruelty of bullfighting. The live reply BBDO Belgium On April 6, 2017, LDV United, a competing advertising agency in Belgium, openly recruited BBDO account managers on Facebook. THE TRUTH REVEALING BANNERS Air The world's biggest corruptive leaders keep quiet about a lot of inhumane issues that go on in their country.
Outdoor & Events
#InYourName Edelman Deportivo Usually, the launch of the Swedish women's national football team jersey got no attention and sales were low. Crying Baby BBDO New York Parents were the main target audience for JOHNSON'S®. Festival Bottle McCann Bucharest Coca-Cola needed to reconnect with younger people and one way to do that was through music. Netflix Dinners Colenso BBDO With an important new partnership, New Zealand telco Spark could offer Netflix for free with broadband. Price on the Jersey DM9DDB The northeastern region of Brazil was one of the most important regions for Walmart. The Voice of Art Ogilvy Brazil With a market estimated to be worth 1.2 billion for 2017, artificial intelligence (A.I.) was opening up new technological frontiers. Bruise Automat DDB Group Germany Statistics say that domestic violence affects 1 in 4 women in Germany, once or repeatedly in their lifetime. Busiest Women J. Walter Thompson Puerto Rico Stage 1 to stage 2 breast cancer has a 99% of survival rate. But women are so busy with their family and careers that they keep postponing their annual mammograms. Love Lived Here Proximity London As part of the two week Pride Festival in London, Proximity London created Love Lived Here, a campaign to celebrate pioneers of the LGBT+ movement throughout British history. Patrons of Pride Mr. President Mr. President is independent London-based creative industry that champions diversity and individuality in all forms. Unbox Your Phone Wasserman The launch of any new product is crucial to its performance in the market, especially in a category as crowded as the smartphone market. Veggie Heroes McCann Bucharest What we wanted was for kids to drag their parents to the fruits and vegetable shelfs, just like they were doing until now in front of the sweets shelf.