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Current Issue 57
December 2020

Online & Digital
#HopeIsBorn Leo Burnett Beirut Following the devastating blast that rocked Beirut on August 4, when many Lebanese people had their homes, hospitals, streets and lives shattered, P&G decided to donate one million dollars to the people affected by the blast A Million More Forsman & Bodenfors When Volvo Cars invented the three-point safety belt in 1959, its introduction sparked debate among media and the public ADCC All-Nighter Webathon Zulu Alpha Kilo The Advertising and Design Club of Canada (ADCC) has inspired creativity and creative people since 1948 Adobe Stock Film Festival 72andSunny Los Angeles The creative industry tends to brand stock footage as cheesy and boring, but Adobe Stock couldn’t disagree more AR Experience Orchard In a world where social distancing was an uncomfortable reality and visiting a dealership harder, Hyundai needed to lower the barriers to engagement Catch the Scam Zulu Alpha Kilo During the first months of the pandemic, cases of financial fraud aimed at seniors increased significantly Dream Number Impact BBDO While lottery sales had declined globally over the last few years, things were especially bleak in Lebanon Eurythenes plasticus BBDO Düsseldorf Every year about eight million tons of plastic is discarded into the oceans of the world Memory Expeditions Curiosism Beatnik & Sons was the first Brazilian DTC brand focused on travel goods and accessories to land in the United States OREO Interests Hack Publicis Groupe Indonesia During the pandemic, people spent more time in digital media than ever before Real Skills BBDO Ecuador In Ecuador, more than 500,000 workers were laid off during the pandemic, irrespective of their age, profession or social status See Beyond the ICU Cheil Romania When the pandemic hit Romania, hospitals scrambled to make more ICU (intensive care unit) beds available The emoji that wants to save your life Horizon FCB Dubai Friends of Cancer Patients is a non-profit organization supporting patients and families affected by the disease The Referendum Whopper Wolf BCPP On Sunday October 25th, there was a referendum in Chile to decide if the country should change its constitution, dating back to the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet in the 1980s The Whopper Reply Uncle Grey Denmark Brands that don’t use Facebook Messenger are missing an opportunity Wraith Kryptos, Crack the Code AKQA Rolls-Royce Wraith Kryptos was a special edition of 50 cars #stayhomestayfun BBDO Taiwan Home has been our shelter under COVID-19’s threats A lot for very little PS21 The brand covered the streets with real reviews coming from users who rated KFC chicken with one single star bam is back SERVICEPLAN GERMANY The Covid-19 pandemic not only sent everyone into lockdown, the pandemic also forced the German cultural industry (and every cultural industry worldwide) into an involuntary standstill Creme Egg EATertainment ELVIS The brief was to create a brand-new, modern and creative equity campaign, with the product at the heart Google Insta-Highlights Toaster Singapore While many in Thailand use Google to search for answers they need, very few used the search engine to look for football related information Hate Unplugged McCann Prague According to recent studies (Cambridge, at European Union level) The Czech Republic has been recorded as the most racist and nationalistic country in Europe OREO launches The Playful Network Digitas UK OREO, the Mondelez-owned cookie brand, in partnership with Digitas UK, is celebrating the amazing human connections we made during lockdown by launching a new network for the nation - theplayfulnetwork Pereira O'Dell + Fifth Third Bank Introduce the "BuyNow Blocker" Pereira O'Dell With that cute bag on Instagram just a click away from your closet, hyper-targeted social media advertising has made us more vulnerable to impulse buying than ever Prime Rib Venture 72andSunny New York Carl’s Jr Reimagine the world like a gamer VaynerMedia London The COVID-19 pandemic triggered an unprecedented global health, humanitarian, socioeconomic and human rights crisis ROM Buzz MRM Romania, McCann Worldgroup Romania ROM Chocolate to the rescue of cancelled events A small Romanian chocolate brand offered to sponsor major international cancelled events around the world ROM Chocolate, a small Romanian brand wrapped in the colors of the national flag, offered to sponsor major international cancelled events around the globe Rumble Wieden+Kennedy São Paulo W+K São Paulo in 8-bit version The agency featured its employees in a videogame set in the São Paulo office Taming Giants Studio AKA A romantic couple, as well as trail running partners, Katie Schide and Germain Grangier spent an extreme 42 hours in the Alps to finish an epic journey THE MOST FAMOUS GRILLER IN PERU McCann Lima Burger King Peru wanted to conduct a campaign based on celebrity endorsement, which will generate a lot of buzz among Peruvians and to differentiate them from their competitors, the task was to go beyond influencers and local celebrities and work with international celebrities
Outdoor & Events
ALDI Misplaced Ogilvy Paris There was a perception in France that the price of products sold by the big supermarkets could vary from region to region Lifebuoy Hackwashing Geometry Encompass After using the toilet and before eating, 60% of Indians wash their hands with water only No Douche Bag Forsman & Bodenfors During Covid-19 many people (doctors, teachers etc) continued to use public transport Papel Clave (Key Role) Ogilvy Barcelona Pharmacists have been on the front line of the coronavirus pandemic Projecting Hope Zulu Alpha Kilo When COVID-19 made the world come to a standstill, Cineplex, Canada’s largest theatrical cinema chain, was forced to close each of its 165 theatres Trojan Peas Thinkerbell Nationwide research commissioned by Häagen-Dazs in Australia recently discovered that 41% of Australians hide their treats so they aren’t stolen by family members or housemates Boards of Change FCB Chicago In recent months, pain and righteous anger brought thousands into the streets in a mass call for change Cantenna DDB Chicago Miller Lite launched the Cantenna, the only reception device on the market that was great tasting and served up football straight to fans’ living rooms Dynamic OOH Campaign FCB New Zealand To help as many Kiwis vote as possible, the Electoral Commission needed to let voters know there were more voting places available for the 2020 Election than ever before Light Dependent Billboard Hello The idea is a simple reminder to all drivers to check their lights are on, along with a cheeky nod to the brand’s strong British heritage Plastic Banega Fantastic (Making Plastic Fantastic) Geometry Encompass It’s known that brands like Unilever are some of the biggest contributors to plastic waste in the world
#flylikethem TBWA\Chiat\Day New York Known as the Tuskegee Airmen, the first African-American pilots in the United States military were heroes of World War II, when they fought two wars at once, against fascism abroad and racism at home #MessFreeChallenge Thinkerbell General Mills wanted to launch their new product innovation, designed for mess-free Mexican mealtimes, Old El Paso Tortilla Pockets 3 Bar Superstar McCann London London had been a prolific global powerhouse in music for decades Age is just a number Romance In the economic uncertainties of the pandemic, used cars were never so popular in France Racist Dinosaur Create Not Hate, Quiet Storm, Ridley Scott Creative Group, Red Brick Road, The Mill, Engine, Love or Fear Trevor Robinson’s Create Not Hate initiative was launched in 2007 to help marginalised inner-city young people from similar backgrounds to his own to unlock their creative potential Racist Dogs Create Not Hate, Quiet Storm, Ridley Scott Creative Group, Red Brick Road, The Mill, Engine & Love or Feat Trevor Robinson’s Create Not Hate initiative has launched two new campaigns by underrepresented talent focused on stamping out racist attitudes Sound The Excuse TBWA\London The Book of Man is a media brand and a support network offering advice and inspiration to modern men in a time of great change Subscribe to the Facts Shackleton El PAÍS launched a digital version of the newspaper in 1996 The Touch Tally Weber Shandwick, London In the pandemic, hand-washing became increasingly important in preventing the spread of the virus, as well as seasonal colds and flu Ami<3Paris TRACTION/BETC For more than 100 years, Citroën has created vehicles that are as unconventional as they are iconic, such as Traction, 2CV, or even Type H, making mobility accessible to as many people as possible Laundry Records Serviceplan Russia Miele and Serviceplan Russia teamed up with famous Russian singer Dmitry Malikov on an unusual initiative to turn a laundry full of Miele washing machines into a fully functioning recording studio Maurten Unofficial Åkestam Holst NoA Maurten was an innovation in sports – a carbohydrate gel and sports drink based on hydrogel technology, helping elite athletes perform without side effects or the stomach problems and cramps that are a common problem with energy supplement products Meltdown Flags Serviceplan After almost a year of protests, ‘Meltdown Flags’ staged a digital protest during the cancelled COP26 between 9-19 November 2020 Picture with the Enemy CP+B – CRISPIN PORTER & BOGUSKY BRASIL On International Friendship Day Fusion Energy drink invited gamers to join their greatest enemies in an unusual selfie Effort by CP+B Brazil changes video gaming behavior by encouraging gamers to take pictures with their opponents The Spotify Parenthesis Milk 2012 Bye Bye Bicycle was busy touring Europe in the wake of their sophomore album Travelers x Zaadii: Legend of Z-Hawk TBWA\Chiat\Day NY • Three-year-old Zaadii Tso was tragically killed by a distracteddriver in 2015 Value the Australian Way DDB Australia Since 1914, Coles has been at the heart of Australian life- proudly supporting team members, community partners and suppliers and serving millions of everyday Aussie shoppers each week