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Current Issue 19
June 2011

Mail & Door Drops
3MGTG video mailer OgilvyAction To bring GTG’s out-of-home digital capabilities to life for an audience of display and graphics specialists in the events, retail and media sectors in the UK, Dubai, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and France, the agency believed their unique content needed a unique format. A game where security is at stake OgilvyOne Copenhagen Many consider IT security to be a diffuse issue and it is difficult to sell solutions to a threat that no-one quite understands or recognises. A Simple Letter From Bjarne Hastrup Director Testing different distribution methods and attracting new members. Infinite Possibilities Arc Worldwide Malaysia An invitation to the launch was created, designed to trigger the thought of “possibilities” right from the beginning. The typical envelope usually has only one opening. Joneses keep up with the Windsors Story UK Ailsa and Ian moved their date by a week. The Royal couple deemed tea-towels too ‘naff’ for their official merchandise. Leather Letter DDB Group Australia What potential Eos drivers received through the post was what is believed to be the world’s first fully-personalised leather letter (a reference to the car’s new Vienna leather seats). Recipients could engage not just with the message but with the look, feel and even smell of the car. LeBron We Dare You Leo Burnett Chicago Was LeBron James able to measure up to Michael Jordan? Could he equal and even beat the record of the legendary Chicago Bull? Love Letters TBWA Group Belgium Have you ever wished that an expert could help you? Wouldn’t it be great if a famous writer could help you compose a declaration of love? That’s what Belgian Post did, they hired 4 celebrities to act as love-letter ghost writers for ordinary Belgians. Nudes The Jupiter Drawing Room, Cape Town Classic nudes were repainted featuring the heads of South Africa's top CEOs and hand-delivered, together with messaging on provenance cards that related the feeling of being exposed in art to their companies being exposed for improprieties in the media. Out Of Paper Proximity BBDO Brussels The campaign was introduced with a teaser mailing, an envelope marked: Important message regarding your payslips! Inside the envelope, nothing. Just a message saying ‘We’re out of paper’. Santa Mailing Draftfcb What happens at Christmas? You write Santa Claus a wish list of all the things you would most like to have. And that’s what the agency did, wrote a wish list with the name of the recipient’s company as the biggest wish of them all, to have them as a client. All Santa did was to pass this on to the individual concerned. Sprinter Applies For A Job Lukas Lindemann Rosinski The Sprinter is one of the best workers any company could have. However, before you start work in a company, you usually have to apply for a job there. So the Sprinter applied for a position at over 120 major German businesses by writing its very own application letter. Status Of Africa BBH, London Although AMREF encourages women in childbirth to seek proper medical attention, sometimes this is impossible. In these circumstances it takes astonishingly little to save a life. The pen is mightier than the e-mail Memac Ogilvy & Mather Dubai The idea: to demonstrate how a handwritten letter can make a difference. They turned typical spam emails into beautifully handwritten letters and sent them to high profile contacts: radio show hosts, journalists, bloggers, etc. The Swans Are Back Freelancers were used The ballet Swan Lake was failing to attract the usual audience numbers, perhaps because of the lingering effects of the global financial crisis, perhaps because the average ticket price was on the high side at DKK 638 (about £71 GBP).
Online & Digital
A New Warrior DDB Paris Greenpeace supporters were offered the chance to purchase and own a piece of the new Rainbow Warrior at an e-commerce website : Here visitors could buy any one of some 400,000 pieces of the new ship that were for sale at prices ranging from 1€ to 7000€. Club Matas Wunderman A/S The task was to launch Club Matas, linking the exhaustive knowledge of what is bought where and when with active declarations of interest from customers. Company Challenge Ogilvy Amsterdam Businessmen aren’t interested in someone else’s problems. They are interested in their own. So, to get them to see how easily they could find solutions to their own specific challenges, a competition was set up using a medium that was relevant to the target audience, but unexpected. LinkedIn. Each has its own story 10 Advertising Online banners and radio commercials drove traffic to a website where an online storytelling platform had been created. Here people selling their houses could write their personal stories. Help Britta DialoguePeople/NetPeople TDC is the largest telecoms company in Denmark. They wanted to strengthen the emotional connection consumers have with the brand. Lacta Facebook Application OgilvyOne Worldwide, Athens Based on the insight that people were already comparing their loved ones to Lacta’s sweet taste, an application was developed, that let users change Lacta's brand on the package into the name of their loved one and post it on their Facebook wall, declaring to everyone that they are the sweetest part of their life! Live Drive 180LA A real Outlander Sport was rigged with multiple POV cameras, advanced electronic receivers and state-of-the-art servo motors to control the vehicle’s dynamics and sync it with precision GPS mapping to allow participants the remarkable opportunity to drive it via interactive remote control. Old Grumpy – when a grumpy old man generates business development Klausen + Partners A/S Chalenge was to persuade brewers to abandon 6,000 years of tradition in brewing beer. Plead Your Case BBDO New York Plead Your Case was a Facebook experience that allowed users to build a case for why they deserved the smartphone they wanted for the holidays. Puppets BBDO New York The website allowed people to recreate scenes from either Eastbound & Down or True Blood, in a virtual sock puppet show. Using technology that required neither markers nor laser printouts, people performed by opening and closing their fingers and reading from our virtual teleprompter. The Swans Are Back Freelancers were used The ballet Swan Lake was failing to attract the usual audience numbers, perhaps because of the lingering effects of the global financial crisis, perhaps because the average ticket price was on the high side at DKK 638 (about £71 GBP). Wallace & Gromit Stamps Proximity London Royal Mail teamed up with Aardman Digital to create sharable Wallace & Gromit stamp avatars. Users could put their image on Facebook, or turn it into a real stamp book (perfect for Christmas cards). BBDO New York A viral technique that people already love to share was used. Inspired by hugely popular Auto-Tuned videos, the Monster Holiday Harmonizer was created.
Outdoor & Events
5 for 5 In-house Innocent, PR: Story PR Event Management: Sledge Innocent created their very own Pop-Up Café for a week in Shoreditch, East London with a giant lettuce wall, much greenery, reclaimed tables and original art-works bringing innocent values to life in a memorable experience. Canvasses Wunderman London What usually happens is the CEO stands on a stage and tells the workforce what the plans are. But in this instance, Brendan Tansley asked the staff to become active participants in the drive to move Wunderman ‘from good to great’. The Caribbean LIVE Being Over a weekend two holiday-makers began broadcasting live from a secret Caribbean island, their broadcasts beamed live across the world to a digital poster in West London. Passers-by were challenged to guess where they were – identify the secret location - for a chance to win a holiday to the same island. The Human Jukebox Akestam Holst Pause is a small player in the dog-eat-dog world of Hi-Fi retailing in Scandinavia with its big chains and their big media budgets. So the task was to make as much noise as possible with a story that would interest and intrigue people. The target audience, then, became the people who could help Pause reach The People – journalists and bloggers. The training test – Danish Defence Recruitment Branch RelationshusetGekko Many young people in Denmark are uncertain about their possibilities on the labour market. And they are not aware of the training possibilities that the Danish Defence offers and that it is a career option that allows them to develop and use their skills. The Voiceless Campaign TBWA Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg Late in 2010, The Zimbabwean carried reports that Mugabe’s notorious Central Intelligence Organisation had raided a small exhibition of photography in Harare. A number of photojournalists were arrested, and their hard-drives were confiscated. It became clear that anything the regime wanted to suppress, was exactly what the Zimbabwean needed to show. You’ll want to live here Proximity Colombia To prove that Parque Arboleda really did have absolutely anything and everything you might need, Sebastián Giraldo set up home there and lived in store #126 for two months. He bought his groceries there, bought everything he needed and ate in the restaurants, becoming a friend to all the mall’s many visitors.
21st Century Legends Partners Andrews Aldridge ‘21st Century Legends’ was a unique prospect relationship programme with a series of extraordinary films about the extraordinary cars at its heart. Featuring the people who design, craft and drive Rolls-Royce motor cars, the films bore evocative titles such as ‘The Man who became a Paint’, ‘Silence at the Racetrack’ and ‘The Ghost in the Photograph’. A Painter/Decorator, a Sex Symbol And 20 Seconds Of Fame Proximity Colombia On the assumption that like most red-blooded Colombian males, painter/decorators would be interested in women, the idea was to use a sex symbol to coax a response from the target group. But not just any old sex symbol. Natalia. Such a blonde bombshell, one men’s magazine devoted an entire issue to her alone. Club Matas Wunderman A/S The task was to launch Club Matas, linking the exhaustive knowledge of what is bought where and when with active declarations of interest from customers. Dream Recommendations Campaign Agencytwofifteen Rather than talk about insomnia or the frustration of being unable to sleep, agencytwofifteen moved the conversation a step beyond, to explore dreams – the funny and sometimes strange things that come to the surface once a person falls asleep. I’m an ITer - Direct Ogilvy Beijing The ITer was first bundled to an influential IT magazine. And it quickly gained a reputation for being a leading beacon of the industry. Lost my socks Colenso BBDO What couldn’t be changed was the fact that Fisher & Paykel had moved their manufacturing base offshore. But what could be changed were attitudes. New Zealanders could be reminded that Fisher & Paykel had a history of world-beating ideas, which were made and used in kitchens around the globe. Roses From The Sky Leo Burnett Beirut Every year, Lebanon celebrates Independence Day on November 22nd. This year, the army wanted to go beyond the usual march-past and create an event that would symbolize their commitment as guardians of the nation.