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Current Issue 25
December 2012

Mail & Door Drops
A personal message from Jennifer - Fundraising DDB Group/Rapp Melbourne Parkinson’s Victoria (PV) funds research into Parkinson’s disease, providing support to the 80,000 Australians who suffer from it. However, the charity receives limited government support and relies heavily on private donations. Aarey Milk DM Taproot India Aarey Dairy is one of Asia’s biggest and most reputable milk distributers. They wanted to convince retailers that sterilized milk is more hygienic and safe that the milk that’s bought for the local sheds. Build your career Leo Burnett London The IPA 44 Club is a professional advertising body in the UK that arrange talks for young people starting in advertising by some of the biggest names in adland. First Call Fund / Fuelling Imaginations Ogilvy Arts Centre Melbourne believes every Australian child should have access to the performing arts. So each year they give disadvantaged children the opportunity to see live performances through the First Call Fund. One Extra Day. One Extra Idea ZEA BBDO ZEA BBDO had no particular problems with any of their clients but because 2012 was a leap year with an extra day, February 29th, they thought they would give that day to their clients for some free ideas. The search for the invisible Diamond of Mystery M&C Saatchi/Mark Google offered a range of proven online advertising solutions for businesses but many marketers believed Google online advertising was irrelevant to them because no-one ever searched for their product online. Untouchable Covers Leo Burnett London Lürzer’s Archive is a magazine that all creatives know and love, containing the very best advertising, photography and design every two months. However, they love it a bit too much. And instead of subscribing themselves, they often resort to pinching it from someone else. AXA Assistance cuts the crap Proximity BBDO Belgium Most travel insurances are general packages that cover both winter trips as exotic vacations, family holidays as well as romantic getaways. Belgium at the John Caples Awards: From Zero to Hero Proximity BBDO Belgium & TBWA/Belgium & Dallas Belgium & Ogilvy Belgium In 2011, bpost (the Belgian Postal Service) and ACC (Belgian association of communication companies) realized DM was no longer top-of-mind in the Belgian advertising industry. Font me I'm famous Proximity BBDO Paris Context : With 150.000 fonts, Fontshop is the first font retailer. Problem : Like most font stores its design is strict and impersonal. But the people who use Fontshop are mostly Art Directors & Web Designers IBM Opens in Qatar Ogilvy & Mather, Bangalore. IBM was finding it increasingly difficult getting people to attend its seminars and conventions. Island Privacy - D’Island Residence Alpha245 Communications Sdn Bhd To launch D’ Island Residence Bungalow Lots, prime land area that faces a 1000-acre pristine lake. Letter from a Prisoner McCann Erickson Portugal Amnesty wanted to raise awareness of the violations of human rights in prisons. Nutcase Nutkase Still writing postcards? This was the starting question for a recruitment campaign launched by NUTKASE, a design, activation & events studio
Online & Digital
“Fists of Fusian” MercerBell Asian flavours are driving growth in the warm snacking category for Gen Y consumers but Maggi Fusian was struggling because, with little brand or product heritage in Asian flavours, it couldn’t hang its hat on authenticity. ( Publicis Conseil, Paris The only homeless women’s emergency shelter in Paris was going to have to close permanently on May 31 2012. Samusocial of Paris, the homeless people’s emergency service, needed to alert public opinion to help raise support to keep the shelter open. Frontrow / Google Display Network Mark M&C Saatchi Google competed with other online ad networks for the attention of media buyers. Grey Poupon "Society of Good Taste" CP+B Most of America seems to have lost its appetite for sophistication. How can the world’s most classiest condiment Dijon help people celebrate good taste once again? Halo 4 Key Art Reveal Wunderman Seattle For Xbox in 2012, nothing was more important than the successful launch of Halo 4. In May, Xbox Consumer Engagement and their team at Wunderman Seattle met to prepare for the release of the game’s key art with aspirations of turning this important but fairly routine PR exercise into something extremely impactful. Snap A Napper LIDA IKEA was known for affordable, stylish home furnishings but were not considered first choice for mattresses and beds, traditionally territory of specialist retailers. Spin the Citigo Ais London ŠKODA asked ais London to launch its new urban runaround, the Citigo, in social media, making sure its target audience of 25-44 year old female drivers were made aware of the model and started considering it. The mark of a classic - Sponsorship – Real Madrid DDB Spain Audi wanted to get the most from sponsoring two of the best football teams in the world, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. Trial by Timeline Colenso BBDO In a country as fortunate as New Zealand, the work of Amnesty International was understood and supported by only a small group of people. What if every email looked like this? Elvis RNIB's aim for this email was to raise awareness of the frustrations that partially sighted people can experience in their lives. Crash and Burn BBDO Proximity Sweden When Snabba Cash premiered in 2010, it was a huge success for The agency’s clients, distributor Nordisk Film and production company Tre Vanner. Font me I'm famous Proximity BBDO Paris Context : With 150.000 fonts, Fontshop is the first font retailer. Problem : Like most font stores its design is strict and impersonal. But the people who use Fontshop are mostly Art Directors & Web Designers Lady Rebel Rock Deluxe CONTRAPUNTO BARCELONA Launched the new Mango´s fragance Lady Rebel Rock Deluxe by building an on line territory to engage with young cool ladies in Spain: THE COOLHUNTING EXPERIENCE. Love Your Eyes My Loud Speaker The Opticians Council of Canada was concerned about the public’s lack of awareness when it came to the role and value of a Licensed Optician.
Outdoor & Events
Amazing mind reader reveals his 'gift' Duval Guillaume Modem People don't know the risks of online banking and Febelfin wanted to make them aware of it Augmented Reality Mugs OgilvyAction Taipei Over 73% of Taiwanese men prefer the clean-shaven look to any type of beard and stubble. So, if Phillips was to increase penetration of their Grooming Kits, they were going to have to initiate more men in the art of facial hair. Kidculators OgilvyAction Ltd Dr. Miang Mental Maths School was a small chain of schools teaching maths to children. A new branch was opening in the village of Sammakon and Dr. Miang wanted to promote the brand as well as the course.v Lux Soap Art JWT Singapore Lux is one of the largest and oldest soap brands in the world. To revitalise the brand, the business was repositioned on a fine fragrance platform. My blood is ruby red & black Leo Burnett Tailor Made, Brazil June and July are the two months of the year when blood supplies are at their lowest in Brazil. September Christmas Horizon Draftfcb To give them joy, strength and hope, Tamanna granted the wishes of children with critical illnesses, aged between 3 and 18. Tuna Campaign Ogilvy & Mather The Bluefin tuna ought to be on the endangered list. But it’s not, because Japan and China have paid bribes to keep it off that list. Tweet for a sweet Draftfcb South Africa To help sister agency Draftfcb Johannesburg drive home the fact that the new Toyota Etios is fun, light-hearted and unexpected Love Your Eyes My Loud Speaker The Opticians Council of Canada was concerned about the public’s lack of awareness when it came to the role and value of a Licensed Optician. More than just the shakes Ogilvy Sydney A mini-documentary aimed solely to increase awareness of Parkinson’s Disease was launched today by the Shake it Up Australia Foundation. Super Nanny TV Reality Show Publicis Brazil The TV Reality Show Super Nanny is internationally famous for helping desperate parents deal with their badly behaved children.
Honesty should not go unrewarded Clemenger BBDO Melbourne For two years, NAB had been championing fairer banking for Australians. In fact NAB was the only bank to centre their whole business around giving their customers a better deal. Lets speak baby Publicis Conseil and Marcel, Paris Infant Formula brands are all very similar. The only way that brands could differentiate their expertise was to talk about their ingredients, issuing complicated and incomprehensible formula messages that left poor mums completely perplexed. Mosaic OgilvyOne London In November 2011 British Airways re-launched their frequent flyer programme, the Executive Club, with a new positioning, new product features and a new look & feel. NAB Stand-ins Clemenger BBDO Melbourne NAB (National Australia Bank) has been sponsoring the AFL for over 10 years. Throughout this time they have demonstrated their support through the many programs they have helped to foster. Paint the town black Saatchi & Saatchi London In 2009 Diageo celebrated Arthur’s Day on the last Thursday (get it?) of September to bang the drum for the 250th anniversary of Arthur Guinness’s signing of a 9,000-year lease on the Dublin brewery. Passionmeter DDB Paris McDonald’s was one of the sponsors of the UEFA European Cup in June, July 2012. They wanted to make the most of their sponsorship and get football fans to identify the brand as passionate about football too. Pizza Roulette Barnes, Catmur & Friends While Hell pizzas are popular in New Zealand, research showed that there was a lack of "product connection". In other words, Hell's pizzas needed to walk the talk. The agency's task was to bridge the gap between the brand and its products. The Chosen One Barnes, Catmur & Friends Craft beer is a hugely competitive area in New Zealand. Only the wine sector has more brands in the supermarket. The challenge was to name a product, design its packaging, launch it and nab 5% of the market in 12 months. The V Motion Project Colenso BBDO V Energy is a strong number one in the New Zealand energy drink market. Recently, the market exploded with hungry, brash brands like Mother, Monster, and Rockstar, determined to attack V. Orange Different Business Publicis Chemistry Orange is such a powerful consumer brand it struggles to connect with a business audience. The agency was briefed to make Orange more business-like. But they said, don’t try to be more business-like, talk to business people who are Orange-like.