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Current Issue 28
September 2013

Mail & Door Drops
Birthday book of messages Giovanni+Draftfcb Known for its close relationship with its customers, Brazilian supermarket chain Pão de Açúcar, wanted to celebrate its customers birthdays in a memorable fashion. Book of Sound DM9Rio DM9Rio was asked to create a piece of communication for sound production company Capitão Musical to be sent to creative directors in ad agencies. DM within a DM Clemenger BBDO Melbourne With the boom in online sales, Australia Post’s packaging sales should have been booming too. Mailbooks for Good BMF Sydney Books were society’s most basic tool to share literacy and culture. But many people across the world simply did not have access to them. Missing Kids Stamps Lowe Roche The Missing Children’s Network is one Canada’s leading child safety organisations, focused on preventing child abduction and exploitation. Part of their mission is to publicise the names and images of missing children in the ongoing hope of reuniting families. The Rhino Stamp Project TBWA\Hunt Lascaris There were just 29,000 rhinos left in the world. South Africa was home to 75% of them. Vodafone Chocolate Mailer OgilvyOne Worldwide Mumbai India and the UK are the only two countries in the world where, if you want to change your mobile service operator, you have to contact your existing service provider to get a Porting Authority Code, which is then shown to the new provider, who can proceed to port your number across. We are growing Imago advertising agency Atlantic Grupa was one of the largest food companies in South-Eastern Europe. Despite challenging times, organic growth plus a series of successful acquisitions had led to a year of substantial gains. A fortune cookie that changes lives Giovanni+Draftfcb Pão de Açúcar, a premium Brazilian supermarket chain was tasked with developing an action with its clients birthdays as the focus. Blister Draftfcb Mexico Autoestrene is Banorte's auto loan, and with its benefits, it offers its customers the opportunity to own a brand new car. Canadian CEO Olympic Invite Leo Burnett, Toronto An invitation was created for Canada’s business elite to the 2013 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, from Bell and Air Canada. Cook Without the Book Leo Burnett, Toronto Every year, Leo Burnett creates a holiday gift for their clients and industry partners that goes beyond a nicely designed card. Fragrance Pairs Wirz BBDO Marionnaud is one of Europe’s biggest perfume retail chains. In 2012, the brand celebrated its tenth anniversary in Switzerland. Good Habit GuihenJones When phdcreative – a well-known and respected independent retail communications specialist – decided to rename as GuihenJones, they needed to get their new name, new look and new website out to current clients, potential clients and the industry at large. Personal Extinction Prevention Book Y&R Dubai Land Rover wanted to give their existing and prospective customers something which they would keep, something which would encourage the adventurous spirit of Land Rover owners and be of practical use. The One Card Leo Burnett, Toronto The office greeting cards ran out. It was time for a new one. Token Draftfcb Mexico A new technology has arrived to make Internet transactions in Banorte, that’s the reason to change the old token because it’s going to expire soon.
Online & Digital
#zerofollowers Leo Burnett Frankfurt The Abarth brand with its distinctive scorpion emblem was rooted in motor racing and high performance. It was founded by racing driver Carlo Abarth, who lived to race and win. Dove Photoshop Action OgilvyOne/Ogilvy & Mather Toronto Dove wanted to increase brand affinity by building on its ‘Real Beauty’ campaign. Fries Heist Leo Burnett Manila Everyone loves McDonald’s French fries. They even love other people’s fries. These are sentiments McDonald’s played up through its fries advertising. Hemingway Status Hijacker Ogilvy & Mather Chicago Membership of the Ernest Hemingway Foundation of Oak Park had fallen off, particularly among young people. Inmessionante BBDO Argentina Pepsi had a global sponsorship with the Argentinian football superstar Lionel Messi. The problem was the agreement did not allow them to use Messi himself in their home market. Make More Of Your Garden LIDA A garden can be the perfect summer hideaway. But sadly, many are jungle-like spaces used to store the lawnmower, dry clothes and hide old junk. According to recent research, 1 in 5 Brits never set foot in their garden. Run The Village Duval Guillaume Napoleon Games was the market leader in Gambling Entertainment in Belgium with more than 20 gambling lounges dotted around the country. See how easily freaks can take over your life Duval Guillaume Febelfin is the Federation of Belgian Financial Services companies. They represent the industry to consumers by providing information, comment and counsel. SoundScript DM9Rio Silence, a sound production company in Brazil, wanted to reinforce its relationship with some of the most important agencies in the country. The #DomiCopter Big Communications With Domino’s social presence stalling, Bigworked together with T + Biscuits to find an innovative way of re-engaging Domino’s UK fans and followers with the brand. The Feed R/GA London In the intensely competitive editorial photography market, Getty Images had lost saliency. The task was not just to try to make Getty Images relevant to media organisations but to get them top of mind. The Hungry-Me Generator BBDO Proximity Duesseldorf GmbH Snickers had been running a successful above-the-line campaign around the theme “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” The brief was to amplify the idea in digital media. The Producer's Mixtape CP+B CP+B wanted to help the industry make the Internet a better place by preventing bad work from happening. Classicals Behind The Classics Artplan The purpose of the campaign was to increase the audience of the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra. Flavour Fusion Wunderman Sydney Pringles crisps are so well-known for their fun brand personality, high quality product, unique packaging and good flavour range, that they were one of the first FMCG brands in Australia to reach 1 million fans on Facebook. Go Europe Publics Conseil/Marcel People are reluctant to use their mobile phones when abroad because they don't know how much it will cost. James Ready Cover Photo Swap Leo Burnett, Toronto The aim was to use James Ready's current drinkers to help attract new drinkers. Mobilizing the 12th man Memac Ogilvy Label Tunisia/Ogilvy/Action Tunisia 2 years after the Arab Spring, tension amongst the Tunisians remained. SPA sparkles up your lunch ?Publicis Brussels The same sandwich every day, at the same time, in the same local snack bar… Everyone quickly sinks into a routine. But what if a little sparkle was injected into all that?
Outdoor & Events
(Cigarette Butts) that make you want to pick up Grey Tokyo The Reflection Project is a non-profit organisation in Japan which is dedicated to raising awareness for environmental protection. Cloud 9 Grey Melbourne Cloud 9 Frozen Yoghurt was a new, indulgent super premium frozen yoghurt dessert. Grupo TEDx Ogilvy & Mather Argentina TEDx Talks and events were planned and put on independently of TED Conferences on a community-by-community basis. Mercedes Smart “The Unexpected Test Drive” BBDO Moscow Most illegally parked cars in Moscow are picked-up during the weekend shopping. Once car-less, drivers go through a real ordeal – exorbitant, hours long cab rides through Moscow’s traffic, in order to get back their cars. Pillow Book JWT Brazil They wanted to attract young consumers. Therefore, they focused their energy on students. Working on the premise that they study a lot and sleep little, they created a pillow notebook. SAY IT WITH CHOCOLATE OgilvyAction Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Chocolate was often an impulse purchase and brands had constantly sought ways to talk to shoppers in-store to get them to pick up their products on the spot. Skoda in-car hostel Proximity Moscow (BBDO Russia) For many young Russians, buying their first car was more affordable than ever. The Idea Auction: Ideas That Cannot Wait For A Brief Draftfcb Spain Draftfcb Spain wanted to demonstrate Product to potential clients how innovative and creative they could be as an agency. The melting machine BBDO Argentina Summer in the city was tough for those who were unable to get away for the holidays. The World’s First Really Live Pig Feed Elvis Communications Compassion in World Farming aimed to replace cruel factory farming with higher welfare free-range farming. Another bad driver Publicis Conseil Bad drivers cost people a lot. There is a strong, shared feeling of having to pay more for insurance premiums because of other people's poor driving behaviour. Before and after 10 advertising Kyalin is a diet brand. For years now, they had been creating campaigns that focussed on the fact that Kyalin worked with coaches that helped you lose weight. So they wanted to do something extra for the coaches. Handvertising Grabarz & Partner Spectacular guerrilla promotion: at the Hamburg Marathon, Grabarz & Partner made use of an unusual tool to publicise the ‘Antivirus’ disinfectant: people’s hands. MASP Comics DDB Brasil The story behind a painting can be as fascinating as the painting itself. That's what the ad and poster campaign created by DDB Brasil for MASP's (São Paulo Museum of Art) guided tours shows. Mobilizing the 12th man Memac Ogilvy Label Tunisia/Ogilvy/Action Tunisia 2 years after the Arab Spring, tension amongst the Tunisians remained. Repackaging Help Leo Burnett, Toronto For 16 years Raising The Roof had been selling hats to raise money for the homeless. Solar Ad Charger Giovanni + Draftfcb Nowadays, people can't live without mobile phones. But in the summer, people can't live without the beach either. Terra VIP DDB Brasil To access the Internet and private contents on the Internet in public spaces requires more caution and twice as much attention from the users. The Glad Tent Alma Glad has always been a brand that promises a stronger stand against waste, they were already innovating around 2 of the 3 R's: Reduce (by utilizing less plastic in their bags¬) and Recycle (by supporting recycling programs, like Keep America Beautiful and creating specialized products). But the question remained: how could they apply the 3rd R (Reuse) to their bags?