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Current Issue 56
September 2020

Online & Digital
#stayathomeheroes _ and us During the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, people around the world have been faced with one of the most difficult challenges of our generation – to self-isolate at home, giving up their social lives and economic wellbeing for the greater good #TheRealHeroes Project 72andSunny Los Angeles The Real Heroes Project was an initiative intended to rally support for frontline healthcare workers on National Nurses Day Creature Discomforts: Life in Lockdown ENGINE In 1989 Nick Park won an Oscar with ‘Creature Comforts’, a short film in which the words of non-actors were put into the mouths of plasticine animated animals Feet and Hands DAVID Buenos Aires Líbero is a Spanish/LatAm magazine dedicated to football Hypnopolis Jung von Matt/NEXT ALSTER and White Horse Music BMW has history when it comes to telling exciting stories Late Night Stores DAVID Sao Paolo In August 2020, Brazil looked back on another month of social distancing Listening From Home MRM London Lockdown has led to thousands of people being trapped indoors with their abusers Looks like you need to let it out M&C Saatchi Group With tourism fundamental to Iceland’s economy, the country needed to be first in line for travellers once the world re-emerged from its COVID freeze My Link is Your Link Bernardo Tavares, Rodrigo Rocha, André Mezzomo Today, every creative has their own website where potential employers can look at their book No More Invisible Ogilvy Paris Founded in 1946, Petits Frères des Pauvres was established to fight against the isolation and loneliness of the elderly The Drive We Are Social When Australia went into lockdown and movement was restricted, drivers weren’t able to get out onto the roads and enjoy the freedom of a road trip The Empathy Experiment Leo Burnett Sydney The International Tiger Project is a notfor- profit organisation dedicated to the protection of tigers and the rainforests within which they live The Rooftop Match with Roger Federer We Are Social During Italy’s coronavirus lockdown, two young Italian girls created a tennis court between two rooftops in their hometown of Finale Ligure The Social Distance Squad AREA 23, an FCB Health Network company COVID-19 and social distancing measures have hit teens hard
The Tipping Point DDB Paris It had been over three years since the previous Watchdogs game was released (set in San Francisco) TINY TINIE PERFORMS WHOPPA ON A WHOPPER® BBH London Burger King teamed up with legendary UK rap artist, Tinie, to offer a bespoke virtual performance of the maestro’s summer anthem ‘Whoppa… on a Whopper®’ Whose turn is it? FCB Brasil Leroy Merlin is a chain of DIY hypermarkets offering building, decoration and gardening products at sensible prices #FirstArabicCountdown TBWA\RAAD While people in the UAE and the Middle East were coming out of lockdown and returning to the “new normal” at different rhythms, the team of scientists and engineers at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre and the UAE Space agency was gearing up for the culmination of 5 #MakeItRight TBWA\RAAD Every year the world celebrates World Environment Day on 5 June, a day dedicated to focusing efforts of the governments, businesses and citizens on pressing environmental issues 1000 strokes Prophets In 2014 blogger Raif Badawi in Saudi Arabia was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, 1000 floggings and a heavy fine Curiosity Boxes AlmapBBDO No matter what you shop online for, if the item comes in a box, a cat owner will know: fun is guaranteed Decades AlmapBBDO The covid-19 pandemic has changed the world, shifting habits and drawing attention to the importance of health workers around the Planet DeCoke Santa AlmapBBDO Coca-Cola owns Christmas Dia das Mães Y&R Brazil Vivo, the giant telecom company, part of Telefonica Group, released its last campaign to celebrate Mother’s Day Distant Neighbours Serviceplan Middle East Dubai Design District (d3) and Serviceplan Middle East have collaborated to create Distant Neighbours, a unique digital project on Instagram, to connect the world under one Insta-address Earth Edition Drives Dentsu - Indeed Every year Earth is poisoned with over 2 billion tons of waste pumped into our habitat Electric Everywhere Jung von Matt/SPREE In Europe, electric mobility is plagued by widespread myths – one being a lack of charging stations Frequen-See Dentsu - Indeed Despite 92.7 BIG FM's massive hold over India’s radio ecosystem, there’s one audience set that has never been able to access the medium itself Healing Touch Dentsu - CLab The journey of Manipal Hospitals started over 60 years ago with a singular brand purpose - to revolutionise the Indian healthcare ecosystem by providing best-in-class clinical expertise, ethical practices, and patient centricity Major League Heroes Juniper Park\TBWA Major League Socks is a company that features athletes’ faces on socks, and it depends largely on the NHL season to drive sales Music________Distancing McCann Bucharest Virgin Radio and McCann Bucharest launched Music______ Distancing, a campaign to remind people to always be aware of social distancing rules and stay safe during these difficult times. Parental Control Herezie Group Following the French study according to which children spent an average of 7 hours a day behind a screen during the lockdown Rebuilt From Memories Jung von Matt/NECKAR Instagram pictures enable the view into a collective memory. RUN On AG The opening shot of the trailer to ‘Run’ – an epic and emotionally charged documentary feature – symbolically shows how millions of refugees start to run Skip This Ad Garbergs Nordic gas station St1 is going against the grain Spark the Next Ultra Brand Studio The Ghibli Hybrid is Maserati’s first ever electrified vehicle Sunbeams AlmapBBDO In February, the first WhatsApp campaign was launched TBWA\Dublin Launches Pro Bono Campaign For Translators Without Borders TBWA\Dublin Translators Without Borders is a non-profit organisation that offers language and translation support for humanitarian emergencies The Millennial Varnmala Dentsu - Eunoia Hindi is the most widely spoken language in India and millions consume Hindi content every day The Money Catalogue Sancho BBDO There is a big issue surrounding online shopping: Most people feel uncomfortable paying online with their credit cards! This Christmas, Mercado Libre and Sancho BBDO will tackle this issue head-on by converting cash from their pockets into the biggest Christmas e-commerce catalog of Latin America The Story of Your Power whiteGREY Powershop, Australia’s greenest power company, is committed to helping Australians reduce their impact on the environment Universal Monsters Presents: Bride of Frankenstein holoride REWIND Automatisation of vehicles will unlock the potential for cars to evolve beyond a simple means of transport
Outdoor & Events
BK Pride Riders DAVID Madrid Spain has held an annual Pride Parade every year since 1978 Drive Thru - Blood Donation Commonwealth//McCann Brazil As a result of the pandemic, Brazil suffered a sharp reduction in stocks in blood banks First Dates Mutant When the first wave of Corona was over, bars and restaurants could open again Helpy Hour Happiness, an FCB Alliance Beer is important to Belgians, so much so the country’s beer culture has been registered by UNESCO as an important, intangible cultural heritage HerShe BETC Havas The brand Hershey's has Her and She in its name HUN Wine – The Worst Time to Launch a New Brand TBWA\London In Spring 2020, new sociable, canned wine brand, HUN, were getting ready to launch at music festivals around the UK Smelly Ads Shomei FirstVet wanted all dogs to be well and healthy The World's Tallest Donation Box MullenLowe MENA While millions were losing their jobs in the pandemic, charitable donations plummeted EcoSport Surf Tag GTB Brazil São Paulo is the city without beaches with more surfers in the world Just OK Gift Boxes BBDO New York During the 2019 holiday season, AT&T wanted to reinforce its Best Network campaign message — "Just OK is not OK" — by reminding shoppers they shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best New (and Improved) York City BBDO New York SAP is a company that’s doing a lot of work behind the scenes in today’s experience economy SpaceBuzz: VR Education Programme for Children to create Ambassadors of planet Earth MediaMonks SpaceBuzz is the world’s first real life VR-enabled education program that teaches children about Space, Earth and STEM Tiny Doors-Big Pride BBDO Minneapolis 2019 marked the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, the birth of the Pride movement
America Could Use A Beer DDB Chicago If history has taught the American people anything, it’s that they can get through anything ASB - Borrow the All Blacks WiTH Collective Linked by Isobar The economic impact of Covid-19 hit small to medium size businesses in New Zealand hard Contact. Less Oliver The contactless limit when paying by card was raised to £45 Country Time Littlest Bailout Leo Burnett Chicago Country Time is a powdered soft drink made by mixing with water
FRIENDVERTISING Colenso BBDO Skinny is a low-cost telco from New Zealand Happy Meal Senior Nord DDB (Sweden) McDonald’s had been an established family restaurant in Sweden since 1979 and Happy Meals have been a children’s favourite since they were first launched in 1986 It Feels Good to Share Hell Yeah! With Covid-19 there was an explosion in neighbourly sharing as more and more people realised that there was no reason to chuck away perfectly good food, or other household items Lockdown Not Lockup Leo Burnett Beirut During lockdown, victims of domestic violence In Lebanon were stuck at home with their abusers Messages from New Zealand Special Group For the first time ever, five separate government agencies came together to promote New Zealand’s brand on the world stage Mouldy Whopper INGO, DAVID Miami, Publicis As a point of difference to their major competitors, Burger King set out to remove preservatives, colours and flavours from artificial sources from the food they served around the world Close The Gap Impact BBDO Dubai The gender pay gap has been steadily narrowing globally Don’t Cook Yourself Rothco, part of Accenture Interaction Rothco, part of Accenture Interactive, launches a new campaign for skin cancer prevention for The Marie Keating Foundation Generation Intervention CHE Proximity Australia is in the midst of a sex recession Happy Commuter Garbergs In order to attract engineers to Ramboll, a leading consultant in urban planning, the idea was to show off the power of engineering Hunger Insurance Impact BBDO Dubai Everyone knows "You're Not You When You’re Hungry” Merry Christmas Traffic AlmapBBDO Every year, Pepsi’s HUGE competitor makes the Christmas Caravans Right to Colour Dentsu - CLab Panasonic believes in the philosophy of pursuing the passion for photography and its Lumix range of cameras has empowered countless photographers to showcase their talent Snap Away Cancer Garbergs Childhood and Cancer are two words that don't belong together The New National Anthem Edition Impact BBDO Dubai When the Lebanese government failed to find solutions to the looming economic crisis, stagnant economy and unemployment, the country was plunged into the 6th revolution in its history